[info] Kim Rando Seeking Fans’ Help for “Youth Is o o”

[Kimrando] <Youth is o o> fill out o o and write the reason. At final stage of working on lyrics of a SHINee’s song, I want to get your ideas. I’ll send an autographed CD to the one selected. Prefer a paradoxical/figurative. Until 2 p.m. 15th. Please RT~

[Kimrando] A two-letter word is better, but doesn’t matter if longer. Prefers a concrete graspable word to a conceptual one…

[Kimrando] It’s bright and positive. May I say a heart-swelling feel unique to composer Park Geuntae? (*A fan asked if the song is “bright and positive” or “dark and negative”)

[Source: @kimrando | trans by jujugal]

*You all must know professor Kimrando, who has become famous with his bestseller <Youth Is Pain>, is writing lyrics for a SHINee’s song. Well, fans have been wondering whether the song will be included in their comeback album. I think it will. Then, this means they haven’t finished recording the album yet, doesn’t it? But he is at the final stage, so it means their comeback is not too far?? haha, I’m such a poor shawol who tries to find any sign…


3 thoughts on “[info] Kim Rando Seeking Fans’ Help for “Youth Is o o”

  1. Than I guess it’s not going to be a March comeback, I wouldn’t think a month is enough for final preparations, especially since this is a full album . So that might mean June-July after the arena tour, which could be better cause they might have a week or two of rest before full blown activities??

    But there was a rumour that they would be releasing a mini album in the later half of the year s wouldn’t a March comeback make more sense to space out their schedule??

    I’m hoping because a professor and an author is writing one song for SHINee, it gives us an idea or glimpse about the depth of the album as whole. In the past a majority of material in SHINee’s album’s has been pretty good.

    This is all very fascinating and exciting, I’m not so worried anymore and I don’t mind so much when they make a comeback as long as they do – I think I’m going to love it no matter how it turns out!

    • If it’s not the title song, it wouldn’t take too much time to record and include it in the album. For the title, they’ll have to take an M/V and practice dance. But I haven’t heard anything about the m/v. Usually, there are leaks like someone witnessing the shooting scene, right? And the members haven’t changed their hair styles. Haha, I feel like I’m a detective trying to figure out the secret of SHINee’s comeback kk.

      • I feel like a detective aswell, I love it :D, I’m also looking out for hints and clue’s!

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