[info] Etude “Kiss Note” Coming Soon~


[Etude Says] One day Sandara gets all the kisses of the world with her dear my lips talk!? Sandara & SHINee’s ♡KISS NOTE♡ to be up on Youtube 3/1! A heart-stopping sweet love story! coming soon*_*♥

[Source: twitter@etudeplay; DC Shinee Gallery | trans by jujugal]

*This must be the one they were filming! I see Onew there~ Can’t wait.

6 thoughts on “[info] Etude “Kiss Note” Coming Soon~

  1. The photo was taken a while back already. We can see that Taemin has his blonde hair. So I assume they took the photo before Koala Kid.

      • Somehow. Haha.
        I know you want people to stop speculating something about Onew’s absence. 😀
        We can’t blame them. Onew’s absence is sudden and there’s not even a proper announcement by SME, thus people speculate soooo much.
        Anyways, seeing that Jinki sent flowers to mblaq under SHINee’s Onew, I think it says it all.

      • Even deeper than that is my desire to see any signs of Onew being fine. Fans’ response to seeing Onew’s face on this new Etude poster was explosive. If this is SM’s tactic, it seems to be working 🙂
        I believe that for SHINee to stay solid as a group, each member should get a chance to develop their individual career. And they need a time to enjoy their life. This free time must be very precious for Onew as he has expressed his liking of “free man” theme in interviews. Spending time with his family, for which no explanation is needed.
        With all these thoughts, however, I realize I have been affected by all the rumors and wanted to see signs that Onew is really doing fine. 🙂
        And right, Onew’s note on the flowers says it all.

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