[info] Six More Rounds Added to SHINee’s Arena Tour in Japan

5月5日(土)  名古屋・日本ガイシホール (問)サンデーフォークプロモーション 052-320-9100
5月10日(木) 大阪・大阪城ホール (問)キョードーチケットセンター 06-7732-8888
5月26日(土) 大阪・大阪城ホール (問)キョードーチケットセンター 06-7732-8888
5月27日(日) 大阪・大阪城ホール (問)キョードーチケットセンター 06-7732-8888
6月23日(土) 東京・代々木競技場第一体育館 (問)キョードー東京 0570-064-708
6月24日(日) 東京・代々木競技場第一体育館 (問)キョードー東京 0570-064-708

*You must have already seen this. Six more rounds added. It’s no surprise. Even when the concert schedule was announced, many fans expected more to be added later. What’s surprising is the added include 3 rounds in Osaka and 2 in Yoyogi, big size places that can accommodate 11,000~12,000. I know many shawols complain about SHINee’s activities in Japan, but this is great. They may not have got recognition in terms of main awards last year, but I think this proves how solid SHINee’s fanbase is in Japan. Recognition will follow, I believe (when EMI will become more stable, haha).

With these 6 more rounds added, SHINee is likely to make a new record in the number of arenas and audience in the category of the first arena tour by overseas artists (SNSD – 140,000 people in 14 rounds at 6 cities; TVXQ – 150,000 people in 17 rounds at 8 cities [correct me if I’m wrong]). I just hope Onew will take a good rest, so he can have full recovery and energy to go for it.

*Now, the utmost concern is…well, can SHINee make their comeback even in March? I don’t know, I don’t know. We should all engrave a buddha and learn to float in air. You know what I mean if you watched the “Waiting for SHINee’s Comeback” parody anime 😉

The license edition of SHINee’s “First” Japanese album will be released in Korea on February 29th. What does this mean in terms of their comeback schedule? We’ll see…


5 thoughts on “[info] Six More Rounds Added to SHINee’s Arena Tour in Japan

  1. i wan’t them to not make a comeback in march, and have just over a month for promotions and this tour at the same time, but i also want new music D: I would be really happy though, if they do decide to make a comeback in july^^

  2. To be honest, i don’t mind if they’re promoting more in Japan, as long as we can still have updates about their whereabouts i really don’t mind. It actually makes me proud to be their fan when i see them getting successful in places other than Korea and i’m happy if they can break the record of their sunbaes, haha~
    I can only hope we can see lots of fancams of these Arena Tour events so we won’t miss SHINee too much while waiting for their comeback (i think they’re more likely to have a Korean comeback after the Arena Tour’s finished).

  3. *0* before I kinda doubt their popularity in Japan, like are these concert gonna be sold out? and past singles sales always decreased from one to another. but bam more dates added because of popular demand!! (y)
    I wish I can go ㅜAㅜ but excited hearing the first album song performed live and new solo stages perhaps? 😀

    *sigh* about the Korean comeback ……. I don’t know anymore ….. I’m waiting patiently, yes of course.
    *but I’m going to be really worried about key if theyre coming back clashing with his musical and Japan tour 😦

  4. hahah i watched that parody!! aawww our poor babies!!! i do hope they get good rest!! and i don’t even know what to think about their comeback anymore!!! i DESPERATELY want them back but also in a way i want them to take their time and do it when their schedules are less hectic with the arena tour! i dunno…..

  5. If more rounds are being added then what about their comeback?
    I love their japanese music and I wouldnt care if they decided to promote more in Japan, their korean music can wait in my opinion as long as they dont overwork themselves. I want the guys to be really healthy and have the energy to do their shows. I hope they get the chance to rest with their schedule, I swear if my babies are oveworked im going to fly to korea and give lee soo man a piece of my mind, okay maybe I cant but I’ll send him bad luck with my mind *ignore my crazy talk lol*
    Hope the guys stay safe, I’m gonna go crazy these next few months keeping an eye on their health

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