[info] SHINee First Japan Arena Tour Map & Calendar

[Cr to gp@DC SHINee Gallery; trans added by jujugal]

*How do Key’s musical schedules fit into this? Is it still possible for SHINee to make a comeback early March? -0-


14 thoughts on “[info] SHINee First Japan Arena Tour Map & Calendar

  1. The only musical day Key has is on May 1st 1day after their concert and 2 days before the next one, so he has sometime in between. It also happens to be his last Musical date so nothing else interferes with the tour.

    I’m not sure about a March Comeback since Minho and Taemin have recordings for Salamander Guru and IMS2 as well as Key having practice days before his musical that starts in the first day of April.


  2. Ok.. I think the rumoured early comeback would be delayed till july considering all their schedules. It’ll be such a long wait 😦 i need new shinee songs but we all just have to be patience. Idk but i get a bit jealous with other idols’ fans when confirmed news about other groups comeback comes up..i just want shinee back on the korean music shows and all.

    I hope shinee gets enough rest and get their energy back for their upcoming tour and pther schedule. Btw i saw a new photo on onew going to the cinema with friends and apparently he looked bright and happy, im glad but isn’t he supposedly “injured”? Its fishy but us fans can’t really kno whats goin on. Thanks for the update juju 🙂

    • When Jonghyun had his injury, didn’t he hang around? He didn’t participate in a CM photoshoot, but he had his own private activities?? I don’t know for sure. Is this the kind of injury we should wink, wink in mentioning? 😀 Well, whatever is going on, I’m glad to know Onew is enjoying his life!

  3. If SHINee were ever really scheduled to comeback in March it’s probably been change by now in light of Onew’s injury. Between Onew’s injury & Exo (What is SM doing w/ these kids anyway??) I won’t be surprised if the boys don’t comeback until after their arena tours now & tbh that’s not something I’m particularly opposed to at this point. With good, constant individual activities to back them up & keep public awareness on them I think such a comeback time wouldn’t be too bad & they wouldn’t have to really worry about splitting their energy between two different country ( which in turn should lessen the risk of their live performance suffering on either point because of exhaustion or something )

    speaking of individual activates do you know what’s going on w/ Taemin’s IMS2 recording for this week? It was taken off SHINee official scheduled a few days ago (from what I hear) & I’ve heard nor seen anything from any of his fansites about it. Was his run on the show cut short? :\ I heard Jay Park is coming back to the show & if I’m not mistaken his recording was to be this week.

    • As you can see in one of my posts here, SHINee went to Japan and came back for some kind of schedule. I think that’s why he couldn’t participate in the recording. He will join with the other contestants in next week’s recording. Right, Jay Park has come back. So we might see Taemin and him in the same round. It could attract people’s attention! Hope there will be no fanwar.

  4. Am I the only one still believe their comeback will be in March???? Actually i guess their cb will be on Music Bank 16th March! (I think Onew’s injury is not so serious and he will be fully recovered at that time)
    In that case, they will perform for 7 weeks and have 6 weeks to win the trophies. But they won’t have time for the follow up song or repackaged album. It will be a short promotion ….idk
    I’m not convinced with the later cb like July or August cause SHINee has “rested” for too long and there’re so many SM’s groups haven’t made a cb yet (DBSK, SJ, GG, f(x), BoA, not even mention that EXO is a new group and they should promote at least 2 times this year). And after their Jp arena tour i think SHINee will have an ASIA tour and many oversea activities that they can’t cb at that time

    • I don’t know why EXO hasn’t started their activities yet. As rongike points out, they should before SHINee’s comeback…well, that has been the way so far, hasn’t it? Then, we can guess better when SHINee’s turn will be… (sigh). Now I’m like trying not to be in the waiting mode, you know, emptying my mind of all the desire to have the joy of being surprised when it comes 🙂

      • i don’t want to get my hope too high either. I just want to share my thought, and i won’t depressed if my prediction don’t come true ^^. Prediction is just a prediction, i’m not a fortune teller or a SM’s insider, in the end i’m just a Shawol 🙂

  5. im still rooting for the march comeback…
    dunno why but if it was going to be delayed
    they would be mentioning it on the news together with onew’s injury..
    maybe their comeback will happen half way BB’s comeback ?
    and they can always pre record their appearances for music programs after their comback week.
    didnt snsd have a simillar schedule with “the boys”?

  6. thanks for the map/calendar, really nice 😀
    i think they miiiiight still manage a late march comeback and then promote until the beginning of the tour and then in a few weeks when the tour dates become more sparse release a repackage? we all know what SM promotional period activities look like, it’s not like they are going to stay in Japan all that time, each day they have off theyll be flown either to Korea or wherever else in the world someone wants them :/
    but then again that would mean EXO would have to debut like next week and then have their repackage after SHINee’s initial album, the way SM used to schedule their artists before 2011, now it seems SM is out of songs and rarely ever wants to release anything 😦 so a june-july comeback is prolly much more likely.

  7. Sometimes I wish I could get Lee Soo Man or even Kin Young Jin in my living room and ask him all these questions like, why is it taking so long for EXO to debut? what are they waiting for? what is his long-term plan for SHINee? when is f(x) going to get a fanclub name? so many questions.

    Thanks for the schedule and map, really thorough 🙂

    • haha, I think they know better than us about music business and management. They should. We don’t know what’s going on inside. With all the interests involved, it must be more complicated than we think and know of. With f(x), LSM made them re-record Pinocchio and it worked. It’s not that I approve all the decisions they make, but most of them have worked so far. It’s not easy to predict all the variables to work out the best, but I hope they try to come up with what’s best for SHINee.

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