[info] Jonghyun Starts Twitter

[realjonghyun90] 이궁 다들 걱정 많이하네…일주일에 한개만 할게 이건 봐줘 ㅎㅅㅎ 갠찬치?!딜!

[realjonghyun90] Igoong you are all worried a lot…I’ll twit once a week please see this one ㅎㅅㅎ all right?! deal!

*hul~ Jonghyun’s twitter is real! Finally, a day has come that one of our boys starts twitting. I don’t know how to feel about this (I thought he has a better naming sense 😀 ). But he is going to be careful as fans express concerns. I don’t have a twitter account yet. Should I start one too? o_o;;


17 thoughts on “[info] Jonghyun Starts Twitter

  1. i guess you should..hehehehehe..it would be lovely isn’t it?? i’m already following him after i saw him exchanging tweets wit KARA Nicole..hehehehe

    • Me To..n Already Tweets To Jjong…Asking For Real Identity…HeHeHe..Hoping for All Members To Create Their Account.

      N Dear…. Do Create The Tweeter n FB Account…I’ll Add You For Sure

  2. hope shawols don’t show a bad face …^^;
    i wonder who will be next?
    welcome to twitter Jjong and
    prepare yourself for the crazy shawols out there…

  3. Oh! So cool, hope the rest of the members folllow too! 😀 I bet maybe the next to have twitter account will be Key 😛

  4. yaaay 😀 i bet key will be next.. ooor minho, lot of hyungs on twitter to whore 😀

    but yes you should def make a twitter, if you don’t wanna tweet that much yourself, then at least have wordpress post updates of your posts, and get even more visitors! i don’t know how many people use google reader etc these days anymore, i bet im in the minority..

    • that’s a point to look at right?? i don’t even tweet that much..having it for d sake of getting the latest from my fav idols out there.. ;p

    • i think Minho doesn’t need a twitter. He’s already appeared on his every hyungs’ twitters ^^.
      Btw, i made a twitter acc only to have update of our babies. I haven’t twitted anything since the first day ^^

  5. I’m really glad Jonghyun finally joined twitter, I hope the other members will follow 🙂

    Jonghyun said himself his name was ridiculous, but he tried lots of name, they were all taken. He was whining “I want to use my name too” XD

    You should definitely create a twitter account, it’s a great place if you follow the right people 🙂

  6. Hope he doesn’t get freaked out and leave because of weird or obsessed fans and anti-fans, twitter can be a crazy place. One of the reasons I was reluctant to join, now I’m considering joining…

  7. lol im already following the cutie >//////<
    gawd he is reallly is tooooo adorable, i just wanna oinch his cheeks!!!
    Im happy i have a twitter, I hope the other get one too!!

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