[video&fancam] Taemin’s Goodbye City at Immortal Song 2 120211

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The subbed talk & result part will be added

*It seems some antis and even some fans suspect if Taemin performed live. The low quality video is unsynched because it’s recorded through the afreeca player. If you watch it in HD quality, you can hear it is a live performance: Taemin adding adlibs and trying to find his breath during his dance bridge. How hard he must have practiced to sing like that while dancing!! He deserves better of us.


16 thoughts on “[video&fancam] Taemin’s Goodbye City at Immortal Song 2 120211

  1. People are such haters. They dont even bother me. But fans reacting the same way. Wow. After years of effort finally paying off, Taemin does deserve better from his fans.

  2. But despite he excellent did!. The thing is that many people can not accept the fact that he is a singer, envy will not let them live. Taeminie’re the best, you make a huge effort and you deserve that and much more! Be blind and dumb to people who don’t appreciate you! Fighting!

  3. The problem is sometimes people don’t engage their common sense, the whole concept of the show has to do with live vocals, if that’s not happening it invalidates the show and is unfair to the other contestants and the audience.

  4. Haters really need to think before saying things like this,obviously this was live, in this program all of them sing in the very moment, and if some fans are saying that I am really dissapointed of them, obviously Taemin has improved so much I am really proud of him,

  5. jujugal, I found a video with Taemin’s full 15 minute cut on the show. Do you mind sharing or subbing it if you have time? I would be very appreciate if you did ^^ xD

  6. i loved his performance. i was smiling proudly when he finished it. he got the audience dancing and for me, that showed how successful the performance was. when he won, he looked like he would cry, but was just controlling himself. his happiness was so infectious.

  7. To everyone who had doubted Taemin & believed he was lip-syncing, watch this clip:

    Anti’s need to seriously stop already. If this isn’t enough proof to prove he wasn’t lip-syncing the performance then I don’t even know what to think anymore, stop being delusional.

  8. Omg, it was really good,must seriously, I can’t wait for next week cause the preview looks amazing, I have seen him sing jonghyun parts and I know that he will nail it

  9. taemin’s so cute when he was trying to hide his happiness.. “ah~ poker face..” hahaha. and he did really good!!! i enjoyed it! thanks so much for subbing!!! made my day! 😀 😀 😀

  10. i really can’t believe people were actually doubting his singing!!! it’s a singing show!! the whole meaning of the show would be lost if he wasn’t ACTUALLY singing!!

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