[photo&message] Taemin on Graduation Album

*Is this a Hogwarts album? 😉

[Lee Taemin] Thank you all. I hope you like SHINee and will exceed me.

[Source: DC SHINee Gallery; trans by jujugal]


9 thoughts on “[photo&message] Taemin on Graduation Album

  1. haha, that looks photoshopped, do they photoshop school photos nowadays? 😛
    this was prolly the only time he ever wore the school uniform. i wonder how many times his classmates actually saw him (as he transferred to this school just a year ago), probably had some individual work schedule or something..
    so i guess since this was scanned by a classmate or something, he has officially graduated. congratulation Taemin!!!

    • By a schoolmate. Oh, def. all the photos, esp. these formal ones, are photoshopped. She says she checked Taemin’s photo even before hers 🙂 He is wearing not their regular school uniform if you look closely. He is wearing the school cardigan. I think he doesn’t even have his own uniform! She complained she never saw Taemin at school. Other students also have their photos taken outdoors, but there’s no Taemin’s since he didn’t come to take photos on the day 😦


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