[TV] Minho and Taeyeon’s “Almost Kiss” Scene

SNSD Taeyeon plays a girl from a rich family [*jaebol]. While running away through a window from an arranged marriage talk, she falls down on Minhyuk (played by Minho), who was investigating the place.

After their first encounter, in which they almost kissed, Taeyeon falls in love with Minhyuk at first sight and tries to soften Minhyuk’s heart with her killing aekyo skills.

Minho expressed his thanks to Taeyeon saying, “I thank Taeyeon for participating as a cameo in our sitcom despite SNSD’s hectic schedules such as their performance at CBS talk show and in Paris.”

[from http://sstv.tvreport.co.kr/index.html?page=news/flypage&cid=17&nid=131256]

*OK, finally. I saw this photo and news yesterday and didn’t post it thinking, well, aren’t their faces too close? Shawols wouldn’t like to see this, haha. But Taeyeon looks kinda funny with her aegyo expression. This must be a hilarious episode 😀


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