[news] Onew Misses Music Bank in Paris Due to Ankle Injury

SHINee’s Onew had an ankle injury.

Onew was to perform with other SHINee members at Music Bank in Paris, a Kpop festival to be held at the Bercy Stadium on Feb. 8th but could not make it due to his ankle injury.

At the press conference, SHINee’s Jonghyun revealed the reason for Onew’s absence and apologized for it.

Jonghyun said, “Onew cannot perform today due to his ankle injury. I’m sorry that he cannot join us.” He continued, “We all five will perform on our next stage in Europe.”

He also said, “This is our second time after our performance in Paris last year. Watching people in our last performance, I thought any country has its own passionate performance culture.”

He added, “I think this is a good cultural exchange. We’ll show good performances.”

[Source: Star News http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=2012020902480808934&type=1&outlink=1]

*Every time before or during SHINee’s activities, this kind of things happened. Onew, I hope you can recover well. I’m glad to know SM didn’t send Onew to Paris despite his injury. Hopefully, this will put an end to all the rumors. This is from one of SHINee members. I know there will be people who still make up and cling to all kinds of conspiracy theories. If you are a shawol, I think you should trust the members. Period.


18 thoughts on “[news] Onew Misses Music Bank in Paris Due to Ankle Injury

  1. “Onew cannot perform today due to his ankle injury.”

    i don’t know why, but i don’t believe in this

    • I do believe jjong. But i agree its a little fishy..lol..it could also be an excuse for SM to delay their comeback and….i’ll shut up now..

      Onew get well soon baby!!<3

      • It was retweeted that he fudged he’s answer when asked by the reporters at the press conference and then at the end of the concert Minho was seen hugging Jonghyun.

        I’m worried for them, they must be stressed as it is is preparing for their come back & now Onew’s injury. We’ve been waiting this long, I’m patient to wait a little longer and I just really wish them all the best. ❤

  2. ‘If you are a shawol, I think you should trust the members. Period.’

    I don’t think we should throw away all reason and blindly believe in whatever they say in the name of being “a true shawol”. Nobody is implying that Jonghyun is a liar, but it’s very possible SM had either told them to say that beforehand or he didn’t expect this question so he was cornered in the moment and said something. I don’t think this has anything to do with trusting the members, because simply this situation seems to be outside of the members’ hands/control. Anyway, I hope he really did injure his ankle as Jjong says. But still confused since SM refuses to give an official statement.

    • Well, SM is notorious for not giving out information i.e. Sooyoung – they only said something, 3 days after accident but I think that was because an article came out and they had clarify or when Amber injured her ankle, f(x) fans didn’t hear anything for months after one announcement.

    • See what you are making of the members: “SM had either told them to say that” — are they SM’s puppets? “he didn’t expect this question so he was cornered in the moment and said something” — where this speculation comes from? Jonghyun must have expected to get that question since the leader’s absence was nothing to be ignored by the reporters without any announcement from SM. Why do you presume Junghyun didn’t expect that question? All these stories are in the eyes of the beholder. If you start to be suspicious of a conspiracy, everything just falls into the plot. I’m not saying we should believe blindly. The best response in this kind of situation is trusting them however it turns out later, I think. You already believe it’s not true, and won’t listen to people’s appeal to common sense.

      • Am I saying that they are SM’s puppets? Well yes, yes I am. They are idols. You think they are able to say whatever they please? SM controls what they say, I didn’t think this was anything new. I’m not stuck on believing it’s not true, I just take what they say with a grain of salt. I actually DON’T believe in any of the rumors or conspiracy theories that are going around anyway. I’m not worried that he’s going to leave shinee, and I’m not going to assume it’s because of his depression either. But I also don’t believe it’s an ankle injury. What I do believe is that nobody except SM and Onew truly knows what’s going on.

      • There are different stages between being puppets and being able to say whatever they please. Of course I don’t think they say as they like. No one in the entertainment industry can do so without causing trouble. He/she will ruin his/her images, and the public doesn’t want it either. Managements simply make more efforts to harness idols’ words and action. And they need to. It’s understandable. With the public, it’s not easy to control the effect of your words and action when people react to them without thinking much or try to distort them. Many shawols, esp. k-shawols, are glad SHINee do not twit, because they know their twits will be talked about, mocked and abused.
        Onew’s injury could be true or not true. Whatever it is, for now, we should try not to be swayed by all the rumors, trusting in SHINee. By which I mean they will try their best in overcoming whatever they are going through, a member’s injury or whatever. I’m simply saying that since Jonghyun said so at the press conference, the best thing fans can do is accepting it as he said it. Esp. when antis and some people from other fandoms are making up and spreading all kinds of rumors.
        Well, I see this is what you wanted to say too. 🙂 I’m writing this not to you, but to whoever may read this confused.

  3. I would rather believe in the words of a SHINee member than the words of some random fan. Jinki, stay healthy wherever you may be♥

  4. I lost my trust in SM a long time ago, yea they may be the bigget company in korea with great artist but they do stuff that angers fans. they overwork there artists and underpay them Im still pissed over jonghyuns injury…seriously the kid had to get surgery on it.
    whether Jong is telling the truth or not, we dont know. whether SM staff told him to say that…well we still dont know but knowing how clumsy onew can be I’m going to believe it cuz well its been a while that we’ve heard news about him. I think my mind will be in peace when I see a picture of him.I hope Onew gets plenty of rest because I miss him and I want him healthy when shinee does their comeback. I just want to know why they decided right before their performance to finally announce Onew’s injury, why not say it when they were in korea or a few days before..like im confused.
    anyway I hope he gets better

  5. Fans can be funny sometime. When there’s no news at all, they’re demanding for any news, good or bad, even asked to be lied to if SM had to. But when this news finally comes out, again they’re in denial, demanding proof etc, wanting more solid news.

    Maybe the injury is just an acceptable excuse that they managed to come up with, yet maybe he is really injured. It could be that they didn’t want to talk about injury because they didn’t want fans to be too worried and start making other assumptions. Whatever it is, SHINee members are probably stressful already with the preparation for the comeback. I think the best for us now is to just keep supporting them. Rather than filling the air with negative statements, let’s just be positive and pray for the best. Give them strength.

    I hope that Onew gets a very good rest and has his injury recovered fully. Ankle injury reoccurs easily if it doesn’t get treated well.

  6. There are always something like this before SHINee comeback >.< , but in the end it always turn well. I hope SHINee do well this time too. Whatever the reason it is, Onew hwaiting! I'm waiting for your glorious comeback with SHINee. When you guys comeback I think I will cry. T.T
    "We all five will perform on our next stage in Europe.” Waiting.^^

  7. Please recover soon Onew.
    I agree with Juju, yes he might not or might be really injured but all in all, i will choose to trust Jonghyun more. There’s always a reason for everything & i wont blame Jonghyun for that.
    Why saying such spiteful things? If Onew really is injured and people is accusing he is not, why would he feel? We as shawols, should support him whole heartedly, not to put the blame on others. Sorry, this may sound a little bit angry.
    Whatever it is, Onew still need our supports & SHINee need us fans to give them strength. It’s bad enough other people started rumors about SHINee, but, pls not from shawols.
    We’re in it together. :)) peace~

  8. hooo~~ can’t we just pray for his safety whatever the reason is for his absence? stop posting negative comments.. who knows, his condition/situation/disease is something really serious that they don’t know how to break it to fans/public? what if it’s like that? and all we’re doing is suspecting people/management; fighting and proving to everyone that this or someone’s opinion is right.. that theirs or yours is the truth and that everyone should believe it. rather, we should just pray that he is safe.. hope that he is well. stop complicating things. that’s the only thing we can do for now..

    and I know a lot of people have lost their trust in SM.. but bear in mind that they were the ones who made SHINee possible. without them or their resources, who knows where the five are now? we might not even know them or their beautiful friendship if not for the company.. they are the ones who made their dreams come true.. they helped them.. even if sometimes in the company’s eyes it’s all just about money or music is a business.. still, to SHINee, it’s them who helped them achieve that, helped them gain the love from the public.. there is SHINee because there is SM.. should we be ungrateful for that too?

    so..instead wasting our energy thinking of other things that might have happened or criticizing SM for their bad management or fighting for whoever is right.. why don’t we just pray, please. pray that Onew, and the five of them and the company are doing well and everything’s alright. pray that SM will take care of their artists and staff better. pray that whatever they are going through now will help them become a better group and a better company. and pray that as a fanclub, we’ll be better in supporting the group and be stronger than we are now.

    nothing good will come out of negativity!

  9. Automatically looking at things suspiciously or critically is no less silly to me then taking everything ~oppa~ says as gospel truth.

    Could SM be covering up something about Onew? maybe but really until there some good solid evidence of sorts to prove so it’s probaly better for the fandom & boys themselves if we all just set aside the suspicions & just take the reasons being given to us now in good faith, I mean Is it really so unbelievable for Onew to be absent because he injury himself in practice?

    At this point my main question is how how the current situation will effect their comeback ( if at all) & even their upcoming arena tours. Jjong was out & limited in what he could for months but at least his injury happen near the end of promotions :\

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