[..] Missing Leader

Saw the picture of SHINee departing from Seoul or arriving at Paris for their Music Bank schedule.
No Onew. As with other shawols, I’m very disappointed and worried.
Antis or some immature fans are scribbling all kinds of baseless stories to mill rumors.
Please, don’t listen to them.

Can it be a visa problem? (Onew’s age, and the military service obligation, etc.) or a health problem (like f(x) Amber took a long break for the full recovery of her ankle)?

I have nothing to assure you but that we should be patient trusting Onew and SHINee.
I miss Onew, our wonderful leader, and his sweet smile so much right now.

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18 thoughts on “[..] Missing Leader

  1. i am patiently waiting for news about our dubu..why can’t SM updates us with onew’s whereabouts. i heard so many immature rumours about his absence :L i just onew’s healthy and all that.

    juju, what do u mean by his military obligations? isn’t it a little early for that? care to elaborate on that 🙂

    • im not even close to a pro on the matter but imo if they didnt have any obligations it would already be Taemin’s time to go to the army this year… but celebrities usually manage to delay it until the very last point.

      anyway hope Onew’s okay, maybe it’s some weird conflicting secret schedule? that would be the best choice, but most commonly with kpop idols it’s a health thing, hope it’s nothing serious tho :/ yet T-ara’s Eunjung went to Paris on crutches but T-ara’s company is another level of horror >.< hopefully this just means SM has finally learned to better take care of their idols!!!

    • As rongike mentioned, the celebrities are delaying it until the last point (usually 29–see SuJu heechul and leeteuk). Once you become an adult, you take this qualifying test for the obligatory military service. Most of Korean men go to army early 20s. But idols and actors delay it. To do so, they should provide rightful excuses such as important exams or continuing study. Most male celebrities go to college or graduate programs simply for this reason. I don’t know where Onew is in his college coursework. If he is now at the point of trying to renew his respite from military service, he could have a visa problem.

  2. what i don’t like about members being MIA
    is the rumors that the fans (and antis) make …

  3. i say we just wait and see what happens, ignore the baseless rumours and just wait for sm to let us know whats going on

  4. I really hope he is ok, I have seen news of the other members but none aboiut Onew and Its killling me. I have nothing against the other members I love them dearly but I miss my dubu TT^TT
    and he is still young to even go to the military yet, he has time and Im sure they wuoldnt send him off just when shinee is making their comeback. But the last thing I heard about Onew was when he was hospitilized because of a high fever, Im praying nothing serious is wrong with him.

      • I know, just worried about him. Onew tends to injure himself a lot and fall sick all I want is a least one picture proving he’s okay or some news from SM about his whereabouts. I’ve been searching for the past month for some news about him cuz like i said I really miss my sweet kind hearted leader。I’m positive I’m gonna cry a waterfall when he finally shows up

  5. i miss him so much!!! i was actually just waiting for today JUST to see a picture of him at the airport and then i see he’s nowhere to be seen!! i seriously hope everything’s alright with him!
    i really want to see our precious Dubu leader!!
    seriously and honestly i think i’m going to cry the day i see him again! (i cry VERY easily)

    • himnae! same same… but i’ve been following smtowners/kpop for so long, i’m not going to worry unless onew isn’t in the next album… i know he’ll be back

      • yeah i’m sure he is fine but i’m just the kind of person who worries a bit too easily unfortunately! (i think i got from my mom!)

        and hahaha the title of this post seriously makes me think as if we need to create a missing poster! maybe we should all head over to South Korea and buy every single chicken there is and then lure Onew out with it!!

  6. i miss our dubu leader =(. it’s so weird because he’s usually one of the most active members of the group with all his variety show appearances. not that i’m not happy that key taemin and minho are now being more involved in the public and entertainment genre, but it’s always so sad to see shinee without all 5 of them

    i can only hope that a) he’s working on some mysterious project and b) that he is getting the rests that he deserves

    heck they should all get rests!

    until then i will wait (im)patiently for more news on our leader
    Got to have faith!

  7. im not sure what happen so can some1 plz tell what happen to onew?i heard he went missing but i have no idea by what people mean by the word ‘missing’

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