[info] SHINee’s Comeback in March?

[Source: gesomoon.com; DC SHINee Gallery]

*A bookstore put up this album release schedule, according to which SHINee’s 3rd regular album will be out in March. Not confirmed officially, but very likely. What do you think? If it’s early March, they will have about two months for promotion activities in Korea before their tour starts at the end of April. Not too bad? There will be an overlap time, though, near the end of April, but it could be OK. With Big Bang’s comeback scheduled in February on Feb 29th, I think, this is to be expected since big groups usually avoid releasing albums in the same period.
Is it even possible they are planning to release albums without much time gap? SM, why not in Jan. or Feb. when there have been no big groups around? Do you think it can be a win-win situation for both BB and SHINee if they come back around the same time? It could be more interesting and exciting for general public as well as for fans. People like this kind of “rivalry”, don’t they? Or it could be SHINee will release 2 weeks after BB (the 3rd week of March is too late for me… 😦 ).


40 thoughts on “[info] SHINee’s Comeback in March?

  1. hyperventilating and on the verge of tears!!!!! i it’s not even confirmed!!! but they wouldn’t put this up for no reason right? but still i want to keep this moment and cry of happiness!! i miss them so much!!
    *hugs and cries with all Shawols out there*

  2. BB comeback is on Feb 29th, so I guess SHINee’s comeback will around mid March, 2 or 3 weeks after BB’s. In that case, i think we should prepare well to support them wholeheartedly cause BB is really strong and with a 2-3 week gap the competition won’t be easy

    • Oh no :L i don’t really want to see SHINee against big bang.. It would be very tough on SHINee/shawols competing against korea’s top dogs.. But at this stage im so shinee deprived that i just want them to comeback asap..lol

    • If SHINee and BB end up facing each other in a bloody war, SM is definitely the one to blame. I mean they wasted all Jan and Feb for what??? to release 12 useless teasers???
      Teddy Riley and now a bad timing, Does SM hate SHINee???

  3. hmm, ill keep my essitement until… i see.. well with sm a teaser means nothing even an mv doesnt mean perfs r coming yet (exo) but i hope they wont do that with shinee so until a teaser! 😀 maybe they want shinee and exo to promote together to get exo more fans? >.<

    oh, is there any hints about taemin graduating high school anywhere yet? graduations should be nowish? soon? i hope he did manage to finish everything O_O

    • he will graduate on Feb 10th, unfortunately he can’t attend the ceremony due to Music Bank’s performance in Paris

      • oh thanks, well too bad for him 😦 and too bad im not going to paris this time 😦

  4. I hope this is true! T_T
    I’ve been waking up and frantically looking for any news about SHINee’s comeback since new years. I need a SHINee comeback NOW!

    Oh and I have a favor to ask Juju.
    Would you mind subbing the Moon Night 90 episode with TaeKey? I’ve been waiting for a complete sub of that for months now. Thanks :3

    • Isn’t it subbed yet? I think I saw the subbed TaeKey cut. I don’t want to sub the whole episode. If I do, I’ll do the TaeKey cut.

  5. I don’t understand why SM did not debut EXO in january. there was practically NOBODY coming back at that time. now shinee’s comeback is pushed back to fucking march with big bang and shinhwa??? what the fuck is SM thinking. and why the fuck do they have to do the stupid arena tour so early???? is SM that desperate for quick $$$$ to throw shinee’s first comeback in 2 years under the bus?????!!!!

  6. I hope is a mistake, really really do not want them to compete against Big Bang or Shinhwa. Never really find the whole rivalry thing attractive at any point of my life. I want them to shine but with Big Bang, Shinhwa and all it will be difficult. Since Big Bang went through a few controversies last year the VIPs and the public would be more hype up for their comeback. Not saying that Shawols are not as hype (due to the fact with been waiting for more than 1 year) but Shinhwa ‘s fan has also been waiting for quite long as well. I don’t know, I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. Half of me is like yes, at last give me the comeback now but the other side is so reluctant about the whole thing and can’t forget that they have a concert tour in Japan. And I have been hoping they will comeback during a time when they can fully promote in Korea instead of like going back and forth from Korea to Japan like SNSD. This is frustrating… I just hope SM makes the best decisions for them…D:

  7. to be very honest i’m hoping it’s a LATER debut. honestly why isn’t EXO debuting around this time? It’s the perfect time for a rookie group to be making their mark as no “BIG” groups are making plans for comeback.

    Not that I don’t want to have faith, but I don’t want another situation like Secret cross-promoting with SNSD. No offense to the Secret girls, I admire their audacity and their faith in their fans, but their promotions were completely overshadowed by SNSD, and I don’t want the same to hapen to SHINee. They’ve been gone from Korea for more than a YEAR now! They DESERVE to have a full on fully supported and WELL PLANNED comeback. SM please get your head together and get it straight that if you’re going to debut a rookie group and plan a comeback for a veteran group, PAY attention to your surroundings!

    Honestly as much as i DON’T want to wait, I hope their comeback would be, at least 2-3 weeks AFTER BB.

    SHINee fighting!

    • Uh…um… Comparing SHINee against BB to Secret against SNSD? I should strongly disagree. I know BB is a big group, one of the 1st generation kpop big 4s (BB, SNSD, SuJu, DBSK) [–not considering HOT and Shinhwa]. They are strong at digital music charts and so have advantage at the changed method of Music Bank ranking calculation. But some members had some scandalous problems; we don’t know how this will affect their comeback. The fandom will probably rally more aggressively, but it’s true that their popularity to the general public is not the same any more. People think it’s too early for them to come back yet. SHINee is the frontrunner of the 2nd generation. SHINee has a pretty strong fanbase unlike Secret. If SHINee makes a comeback 2~3 weeks after BB’s comeback, it’s not exactly a head-to-head collision. SHINee need to show their capability to be a new front, not any more a junior, in Korean idol music as well as in SM town. To do it, they need fan support as much as SM’s support. I’m hoping they will come back with really good and impressive music, a title song with impact like DBSK’s Mirotic. This is an important time for SHINee and also SM for their leap upward in their domestic and overseas status. I want to believe SM knows it too. Key said they will come back with heart-bursting music. I think this comes from their confidence in the songs they have been recording for their 3rd album.

  8. If Shinee comebacks in March they’re gonna be up against some serious competition (Big Bang & Shinhwa) it also means promotions will definitely overlap their Jpn tours which could lead to a) shorten/bare minimum k- promotions or b) Shinee’s most grueling comeback schedule yet (music shows + variety shows + multiple major overseas concerts + etc). option a) would suck after such a long period of inactivity while option b) will probably take a major toll on the boy’s performance ability (& health) I’m also curious as to where Exo will factor into all this (Not rly keen on SM doing something like having them promote side by side)

    Overall it seems pretty disadvantageous for Shinee to comeback in March but who know maybe I’m underestimating things, generally speaking I’m trying not to rack my brain over it too much rather just wait for it patently & enjoy it when it comes ^^;;

    • “generally speaking I’m trying not to rack my brain over it too much rather just wait for it patently & enjoy it when it comes” — I’m there with you 🙂

  9. instead of just saying that BB will crash them
    why don’t we try to support the boys?
    I don’t get it…if you are a shawols just support the boys as much as you can and don’t
    be like “BB will crash them”…O.o
    i think SHINee are quite big themselves and with all the pre-comeback promotions
    SM has for them
    taemin->imortal song *which is great because it shows how our boys developed*
    key-> musical

    it basically can make their fandom wider!
    and remember SHINee is the most anticipated comeback of the year
    and that Seoul Uni. professor writing a song for their album?
    it drew even more attention !!^^

    So just support the boys (don’t DL illegally)
    and please no negativity! \O/

    • In no world have I ever seen SHINee win over BB and I still think they are far from that point. Trust me I want shinee to do well, of course!!! Thats my only wish. But seeing their progress for the past 2 years, they have only plateaued. Even f(x) are catching up to SHINee now. You would think that 4 years after they debut they will have gotten a little closer to filling the legacy left by their sunbae groups, DBSK, SUJU, SNSD. but they are still very far from it.

      I have a feeling EXO will be even more popular than SHINee and f(x) one day. The days of 5-membered groups are over.. These days the trend is for larger groups like SNSD and SUJU, they have a greater chance of making it big. hopefully f(x) will still continue the impressive progress they have made with Pinocchio, while all the time SHINee continues to stay at the same level… my biggest fear is that SHINee will become the “failure” group of SM.

      I’m probably being too dramatic but that is my biggest fear nonetheless.This is why i feel like this comeback will play a big part in how SHINee will continue in the future. They have not been active in korea for 2 years, this is the time to focus on them and change that. If SM is really making them debut in march, I do not think that is nearly enough time to make any impact at all and it saddens me. Of course I could just be a regular fan and enjoy their music and not worry about these things…

      • I think with Kpop going global there can be conflicts between local and global, or domestic or overseas fans’ view on things. As for “f(x) catching up”, there’s a big minus for them: their fanbase in Korea is not that strong. As a girl group, they are popular to the general public. But can they have a concert of their own? For now, strongly doubtful. They couldn’t fill a gymnasium. At last year’s dream concert, other fans were surprised to see the fan seats for f(x) were barely filled. Other SM fans are buying their albums as f(x) is their second favorite or something like that. I suspect that is the reason why no fanclub has been created for them yet. Without a strong fanbase, there is a limit to their growth as a group. How can they break it, that’s the question for them. No way they will grow bigger than SHINee. The members will make up for this by their other activities–acting, CM, musical, etc.

        We have to see how much SHINee’s fanbase has become weaker or stays as strong as before after over a year hiatus. If they come back with a strong album and title song, they may attract some more people. It depends on how much SM will support and push SHINee. Until now, SHINee has been sidelined as a junior for their senior groups in SM. This year it should be SHINee’s turn to get full support from SM after DBSK and SuJu. One day, EXO could become strong, but not yet. They are just a new group who still needs to make themselves known and recognized in Korea. So far the response in Korea doesn’t look very strong. Well, we didn’t see their m/v for title yet, so it’s too early to tell how it will be. With the idol market already full, it won’t be so easy. Anyway, it takes time to grow big. Possibly they can become popular faster in China, in asia, or even with overseas fans than in Korea. I haven’t seen much of them as a group yet, so I can’t tell about their prospects in Korea.

        “The days for 5-member group are over”–I don’t know. A group with more members has benefits and challenges. My reply is getting too long. I’ll add more later about this. Anyway, as a fan of SHINee’s music, my only concern is the quality of their music actually. This is also a topic I have a lot to say. So I’ll come back to this later 🙂

      • You bring up a lot of good points, like how SHINee is still a junior group compared to their sunbaes and thus while DBSK/SUJU/SNSD still exist, they will still be treated as secondary by SM. Still, my main worry is that they are not experiencing any growth.. That is dangerous.
        Even f(x) is at least improving steadily.

        f(x)’s strength lies in that they are popular with the public, like you said, their relevance to general audience is many times stronger than SHINee. While they will never surpass SHINee in terms of fanbase or make it big in the same way as DBSK/SUJU/SNSD they can specialize in creating hits and being loved in their home country, similar to T-ara. T-ara’s fanbase is practically nonexistent, and they could probably never fill a concert hall either, but they are getting “big” in their own way, by releasing hit after digital hit that are so hot/popular with the public.

        SHINee’s weak point is that their international fanbase and popularity extremely overshadows their popularity in Korea. In fact I believe that out of all the groups in SM, SHINee is the least well known by the public. They were probably actually better known back when they released Replay, when they had they “pedo-noona” schtick going on, but now it’s as if they are confused with their identity. Half way out of the cute-dongsaeng stage but yet not mature looking enough to appeal to mass public.

        But anyways thank you for replying so thoughtfully because I was really looking forward to hearing your opinions about this. Waiting for your update on your reply 😛

      • That’s not only SHINee’s problem. It’s like that with other SM boy groups. Even DBSK and SuJu are not so popular to the public. Some people even have doubts about Mirotic being popular in Korea. I don’t want to offend any elfs, but SuJu’s case is even worse. It’s the case with SM groups: their popularity with overseas fans overshadows that in Korea as you pointed out.
        I already made my point about f(x). Did you see the chart of total income each SM group made in the first 3 quarters of last year? The income f(x) made even when they did lots of activities with their strong hits was only half of that made by SHINee who didn’t even release a new song. The income doesn’t even include overseas activities. Being popular with the public, you can get CM offers. But with the unbalanced and lopsided digital music market conditions in Korea, its real value is not much in terms of how much you make. Making big with digital songs may impress people, but that’s it. Such a group can collapse very easily without a strong fanbase. f(x) certainly made big this year, but without being able to do their own concerts, their potential for growth will hit a limit. For now, what f(x) achieved last year could be their maximum unless they make a big hit in Japan. Can they do it? If so, how big? That’s a question and challenge they should take. Anyway, SM pushed and supported f(x) with full force last year because the group was kinda in “crisis”. They had a successful run as a result. I don’t mean their success was all thanks to SM’s support. Don’t misunderstand me.
        Anyway, I think international fans tend to have wrong ideas because of lack of information about situations in Korea.

    • DBSK and Suju DO have a similar problem but lets be real, Suju had their hit Sorry Sorry and it catapulted them into one of asia’s most popular boy group. DBSK … do we even need to mention what they’ve achieved? They had the world’s largest fanclub at one point. And in all honesty I’m not worried about f(x) either. Like I said, I just want SHINee to be able to fill the shoes of their senior groups. Time will tell if they will, maybe I’m being a little impatient since it is taking SHINee a bit longer than it did for their sunbaes. I’m not trying to be pessimistic, just don’t understand why SM is not making better decisions about this comeback. But I guess there’s really nothing we can do except wait until it DOES happen. ;P So I will wait and try to look at this comeback more positively. I’m sure I’ll be excited as always when it does.

      • For what it’s worth SJ didn’t get their hit Sorry Sorry until their 3rd album which was about 4yrs or so after their debut, pretty similar to SHINee right now. Even the time between SJ’s 2nd & 3rd album is similar w/ SHINee’s right now (about 1.5 – 2yrs) so I wouldn’t say SHINee are lagging behind their seniors (at least not SJ) but they’re probably coming up to a major career crossroad though.

      • Frankly speaking, I’m not sure any more that what I want for SHINee and myself is they becoming Asia’s or the world’s “most popular” group. Their music style is “contemporary” or “edgy” rather than “pop,” and popularity-wise, they may never become like SuJu or DBSK, whose music style is more pleasing or entertaining to the public. You know what? That’s exactly why SHINee is MY group 🙂 why I’m a fan, not just an observer. I just want them to stand on a more solid base of their own with their style and color more refined and perfected. No longer being labeled as a “junior” group. I believe it is the right time.

  10. Is winning a music chart show the basis for a group’s popularity or how musically good they are? I don’t think they will put up SHINee against big groups if SHINee themselves don’t have the confidence. And I also think that despite not winning the shows or the charts, sales will still be pretty good.. or AMAZINGLY good. Also, it’s a good chance for them to separate themselves from all the idol groups. They are different from Big Bang. This is a perfect time for SHINee to make people know them as a “contemporary” band since there is a group to compare to. They have a different image and a different approach to music. I’m waiting patiently and believing that SHINee will show us something that’s SHINee. As long as they show us what they are aiming for and achieve that then it’s all good… and winning would just be a bonus. Remember that the end does not always justify the means. Awards won’t always show how successful one really is.

    ..but really excited for them to come back!! hihihihihi. :3

    • I like your perspective and attitude. Right, they are “different” in their images and music styles. My concern is whether SHINee will be back with “something that’s SHINee.” That’s why I was concerned after seeing Teddy Riley’s twit about writing a song for them. But I also believe SHINee will be able to recreate whatever is given as their own.

  11. and, let’s just do our best supporting them. don’t give up when it hasn’t even started yet!!!

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  13. If SHINee had a comeback sooner than March, who would pay attention to EXO? [totally understanding SM]

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