[photo] Minho Filming Salamander Guru

Can you find Taemin here? 😀

[Source: “twitter; http://choiminho.kr/gnu/bbs/link.php?bo_table=board&wr_id=60939&no=1; via shakizi]


9 thoughts on “[photo] Minho Filming Salamander Guru

  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! is that Taeminnie as that moustached man in the hat??!!!!! whahahahaha!!!!

  2. lol, if it is Taemin he’s going to have to change he’s to imitate an old man, can’t wait to see this! 😀

  3. so excited for this drama. we get to see minho every week with so many SM cameos! hope this gives shinee some exposure in the long run (like how krystal is getting f(x) a lot of fans from her two sitcoms). especially since minho looks so handsome in this show.. 😀

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