[info] Teddy Riley Writing A Song for SHINee

*Can’t it be avoided?? My mind is paralyzed…


20 thoughts on “[info] Teddy Riley Writing A Song for SHINee

  1. could you tell me Who Teddy Riley is? I hear he make songs for SNSD too but Why are you feel paralyzed? He is a bad guy?

    • A “bad” guy? haha, it depends. He is known for having (half-)produced Michael Jackson’s Dangerous album. Recently he produced Kpop’s Rania and then SNSD’s The Boys. Did you like these songs? Many feel his songs sound too oldish, not edgy anymore… I cannot match his songs with the “contemporary” image of SHINee’s music…well, hope SHINee will make it sound contemporary with their unique harmony of voices if it’s unavoidable…

  2. oh dear…

    on a lighter note I have this mental picture of Jjong showing him his Michael Jackson impersonation, and the awkwardness that would follow. hehe.

  3. OH NO >.< but if its anything like the case with that Exo prologue song whatever, I saw his name in the credits ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PMRe4k3OSw ) but the song was 100% the kind of song Yoo YoungJin always makes, so I bet Teddy is empty of actual music making skillz and barely does anything in reality, they just want his name on things :/ *hopes so*

  4. Well.. I pretty much figured out that he’d be part of the production, since it’s SM’s new favorite thing to do LOL. I just hope it is way better than The Boys… and more.. mm.. contemporary I guess xD

  5. i wouldnt mind really. the music quite edgy and like for example, SNSD the boys. i like it better than their cutesy image kinda song which chills me. i like the boys better. i mean it brings out the other side, the mature yet powerful side of them of SNSD despite the fact that i am not but the song to me was so much better than gee and then which follows by oh! i prefer song like Run devil run better. i think its going to be okay. the only thing i am hoping is it wont turn bad, down the drain and you know whatever happens to rania since our boys is adorable and innocent. 🙂 i wouldnt mind but that doesnt mean i prefer him. i just hope he did a good job since its been a year and half since shinee’s last comeback so i do hope it wont be a disappointment or else, SM gonna pay for all of it.

    the thing that concerns me is, right after Rania and SNSD with teddy riley, the story of them debuting in the US always comes behind. SNSD which already debuted. rania, almost did. i just hope the boys remains and strengthen their fanbase in asia first like suju and dbsk did. its a good strategy though.

    • one more i am hoping is teddy riley would avoid auto tune, too much of electro because that is gonna ruin our boys’s singing capability. i preferred powerful singing like lucifer, adorable like replay. 🙂 i love ring ding dong but it didnt feflect our boys singing capability since there are just too much of autotune. i want them to be recognized for their capability like really.

    • With SHINee, I think it will be not U.S., but Europe. It fits more with the image of our boys, but if SNSD makes it big in the U.S. and with T. Riley’s participation in the production, their plan may change. Let’s see…

  6. No way, I just had a talk with my friend about how I did not want Teddy Riley working with SHINee and this happens. Gosh, I should really be careful of what I say.

  7. he maybe just helped with the production
    of a song(s) or the album.
    he isn’t a song writer/composer only
    but produces them also..^^

    • I think this is a bad idea, the writers and users of this site were unhappy that Shawols seem to be spam voting on these polls. One of the writers wrote an editorial about obsessive fans voting on meaningless poll’s. I’m not dissuading anyone from voting once but it’s leaving a bad impression of fans.

      • I know… I think I may have contributed to that a little bit by posting the poll on the best leader on my blog. But I think shawols won’t stop now when they voted for every other members since it’ll be unfair for Minho? Anyway, I’m feeling sorry about the complaints.

      • I wanted to reply to your comment juju but I can’t see the reply button. Anyway, it’s ok, I’m sure it’ll blow over soon enough. The site itself is usually quite snarky and overly critical sometimes of k-pop and fandoms as a whole.

      • Shakizi posted a notice that no more polls from seoulbeats should be posted. They think the website has posted anti-shinee articles. I disagree. I searched and read some articles that include shinee in their discussion, but they are not anti-shinee. They are kinda critical analysis of kpop. Because of english problems, shakizi people might have a misunderstanding.

      • you just think you vote for perfect idol in my mind different people have different tastes so there’s nothing wrong when we vote for who we think is appropriate. The vote is not open for that star. Who can define how perfect is? sure a singer who can do well in all genres of music? they criticized shawol because members of SHINee leading, it right? no fan of other group like this? they just vote for who they feel deserve and a lot shawol voted for the other idols.
        I vote for people I saw the perfect,I do not want attention to the criticism was unfounded because I did not act against his heart. I have the right to find a perfect team in my heart and you too. I want to say to the critics that you do not have shawol force people not to follow your interests,you do not like this people and you say they do not deserve it,but he or she may be everything to someone there , you do be selfish like that because your preference is not the preference of all this world
        and shawol not do anything wrong because they have the right to speak the voices in their hearts

      • It’s a shame about the misunderstanding, seoulbeats is critical of everything k-pop, I wish no one would take it to heart!

  8. I guess this couldn’t be avoided. I didn’t like “The Boys” because it sounded disorganized and like three different songs put together. I hope he doesn’t work on their title track. I don’t mind if he works on filler tracks though.

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