[info] Taemin Cameo for Salamander Guru

120131 Taemin filmed for Salamander Guru!!~!! So so c.u.t.e. I nearly fell down when I saw his special makeupㅠㅠ thanks for eye contact ♥.♥ smiling~ coordi#$%– working in cold weatherㅜㅜdo well for the rest of your filming taeminah*.*

[Cr as above; via Absolute_SHINee@twitter | trans by jujugal]

*What special makeup?? Curious~


8 thoughts on “[info] Taemin Cameo for Salamander Guru

  1. Do sitcoms always have this many idol cameos. So far I’ve heard Taeyeon, Junhyung, L/Myungsoo and now Taemin on Minho’s sitcom.

    • No it’s much more than usual. Maybe becuz it’s about gurus (fortune tellers) who need guests for which these idols appear as cameos. I think it seems not really “well-made” with some loose parts in the plot. But well, it is a sitcom… Hope it will get better.

  2. yay 😀 hopefully there’ll be some nice 2min funtimes!! it seems Taemins trying to get back into acting as well lately. as much as i support him in that, im not sure how my 10yo fangirl heart would handle an actual kiss scene >.< but no need to worry bout that until he gets a lead role, random ppl usually dont get kiss scenes in kdramas 😛

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