[info] SHINee 1st Concert in Seoul Live Album Released Feb. 2nd

SHINee’s solo concert live album, SHINee The 1st Concert Album SHINee World is to be released on Feb. 2nd.

This live album, which records SHINee’s two-day concert held in Seoul last Jan. 1~2, will bring back to fans its hot and touching scenes.

The 2 CD album, with total 34 tracks including newly arranged songs like Juliette, Ring Ding Dong, and Lucifer, hit songs like Replay, Love Like Oxygen, and Hello, and each member’s solo stage, is expected to receive raves from fans for SHINee’s explosive live and passionate performances.

Especially, it comes with bonus tracks of The SHINee World, Amigo, and Lucifer recorded in a studio version.

Disc 1: Into the SHINee World / The SHINee World (Doo-Bop) / Senorita / Get Down / A.Mi.Go / Juliette / Hello / Your Name / Stand by Me / Love Still Goes On / Girls / OMG / Romeo+Juliette / My First Kiss / A-yo / Romantic / Obsession / Graze

Disc 2: Replay / Love Like Oxygen / Quasimodo / Life / Nessun Dorma / A Child in an Island House / Ring Ding Dong / Up & Down / Ready or Not / Lucifer / Jojo / Bodyguard / One / The SHINee World (Doo-Bop) (studio version) / A.Mi.Go (studio version) / Lucifer (studio version)

*Also includes a 44 p photo booklet with lyrics.

[Source: shakizi.com]

*Shawols, please, purchase or download the album legally to support SHINee.

According to Emelia, you can buy this at  dvdheaven only at USD 13.94. This is a very good price. Thanks Emelia!


9 thoughts on “[info] SHINee 1st Concert in Seoul Live Album Released Feb. 2nd

  1. Pre-ordered :] the cheapest I could find was on dvdheaven (USD13.94) – which for two CDs and a 44p booklet, it’s REALLY cheap. I hope all other Shawols, who can afford it, will heed juju’s advice! You guys know our boys are worth it♥

  2. dvdheaven is cheap but its shipping is expensive, once you add on the shipping its basically the same price as yesasia (which has free shipping). but i guess dvdheaven ships faster?

    anyway lol, another last-minute desperate attempt by SM to make money..sigh;; who cares about this just want their comeback 😦

    • haha, these entertainment companies are not non-profit organizations, so well I don’t think it is such a desperate attempt. As a fan, I’m just glad to have this live album in my hands finally.

  3. I’ve been waiting for this for so long 😀 all sm groups release a live concert album after their concert and its finally shinee’s turn 🙂 I can’t wait to hear the studio version of the remixed amigo 😮

  4. i was honestly hoping for SM to release a DVD version of the seoul concert T_T i held back on buying the Japan one just so i could get the Seoul concert.

    but oh well, an album is the next best thing i guess. *drool* who wouldn’t want to hear jonghyun sexy singing, key’s diva singing, taemin’s dance-y solo, minho’s *drool starry eyed* OMG performance and onew’s smoothing opera voice in audio HD xP

  5. I’m glad they did this!!^^
    Because the boys sing amazingly live
    and the re-arrangements and their solos
    need to be in a shawols collection!! :3
    So let’s support them!!^^

    and am i the only one that is SO desperate about their comeback?
    i’m just a Shawol i don’t care about anything else kpop related …
    and what about Paris MuBank? will they sing again Lucifer there?
    i can’t wait any longer! we see minho and taemin have activities
    but the other 3 where are they?
    i miss them all 5 of them
    ok it’s just me being to much time away from shinee activities
    i will stop now..xD

    • They must be tired of singing Lucifer again and again 😦 You’re not the only one. Did you watch the gag anime about “waiting for SHINee’s comeback teaser” I subbed and posted on my youtube channel? Lots of shawols confess that’s exactly what they are doing these days 😀

  6. oh my !Yes i watched it.. (thank you for subbing it^^)
    i’m one of those i guess then
    because the amount of time i hit the refresh button
    on the korean blogs are starting to hurt my fingers OTL
    We just can’t wait any longer ! xD

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