SHINee Stranger in Drama Strangers 6 Ending Cut 120127

Up by obo1213 | via forevershiningshinee@tumblr

*I didn’t know this drama already started! I think this theme song is really cool showing a different side of SHINee.


5 thoughts on “SHINee Stranger in Drama Strangers 6 Ending Cut 120127

    • This is the first episode so I think it’s too early to ask that question. But I do love this song. They will probably make a KR version once the show airs in KR later this year.

  1. No one will probably care. But I thought it will be good to officially say goodbye (like Ohatoms did, except she is famous unlike me…LOL) to the fandom here since I relied a lot on Juju/Sheena’s blog a lot as a Shawol.

    For now, GOODBYE FANDOM! I never thought this day would come. Regretably I find myself no longer interested in SHINee. I am tired of waiting… and the lack of Onew. I held on as long as I can. In denial, I even spent a lot of money on goods last year – the most I ever spent on SHINee bec I have everything they released. I loved their album THE FIRST and Kiss Kiss Kiss and listen to it constantly.

    But it’s not enough anymore. The fan made-up stories, the inequality in promos for the members (look I felt this too when Onew had too many solo gigs in 2010 but not the rest), the poor JP promos. The mix-up in the musical casting is the last straw.

    It was probably Onew’s role first bec the printer even had his name on the poster. His name & Key’s are written so differently in Hangul so the orig probably had Onew’s name for this to happen. They just forgot to correct all their collaterals when they switched to Key. One can say SM is trying to protect Onew’s health. But I dont think so. Key is blonde in the poster so this was probably decided before this year. It isnt that I dont believe in Key or that I want Onew to stop resting (he needs it). I have the same worries about Key – a musical, arena tour & a comeback?

    I guess I finally lost faith in SM – that SM will manage their careers well, as a group and individually. I feel envious of how Cube has managed Beast, who has grown so much & earned so much respect bec of it. Exo has so much potential but I feel they are being mishandled: the songs sound good but why so many teasers, so much Kai, so few singing? So many wasted opportunities.

    Juju/Sheena, I am sorry for rambling and venting in your blog. I just really needed to say GOODBYE. So THANK YOU for the space & ‘friendship’ in the past.

    • I disagree with you in many points. I’ll address them later in a separate post, but one thing: you envious of Cube’s management of Beast?? Really? Is that really what you want for SHINee? Then, I have nothing to say to hold you back. And one more: you should ask yourself if you’re not too much Onew-biased to be a SHINee fan.
      Anyway, I’ll miss you. Come back if you change your mind. This will remain a space for exchanging different opinions as well as info related to SHINee.

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