Key’s Rap Part Cut from EXO Teaser

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*Key did the English rap part for EXO’s Two Moons. As with most fans, I’m getting annoyed and tired of SM’s new marketing strategy for EXO. There will be no fresh feel left after all these teasers. And SM is so obviously using SHINee to promote this new group :/

All I want is SHINee’s comeback teaser. Just that.


18 thoughts on “Key’s Rap Part Cut from EXO Teaser

  1. I guess it’s part of building the smtown brand – no doubt SME will milk the “family” concept and cross-promote as much as they can.

    BUT. That strategy did get f(x)/SHINee/SNSD/Super Junior the popularity they have today. i.e. our boys benefited from similar strategies (though not as blatant).

    So maybe that’s our best case scenario: everyone helps bring EXO out –> EXO does well –> all of smtown does even better.


      SNSD members appeared in DSBK videos and cfs before they debuted. That’s part of the reason they got so much hate too. Im not too sure about SJ. But SHINee DEFINITELY came out of nowhere without any help from the other groups. Two weeks before their debut in Inki was the first time they were seen in public performing – once at LSM’s school function, followed up by a live performance in a music show a week before debut – the performance was not recorded or shown on TV but I guess that was their practice perf in front of an audience.

      I liked Exo’s music thus far – its edgy, different, very Western IMO. But I am getting tired of the teasers. I want to hear them sing, not see them dance. All these teasers, esp the dance ones, makes me think they are probably not great singers. Tired of waiting.

      • I do agree with you that SHINee got absolute NO help from whatever-so-called ‘SM Family’ =.= They were on their all and we all knew about their debut only a few days before 25th May and that is just not fair for SHINee compare to any other artists.
        I am getting very tired the way SM is using SHINee to mostly promote everything EXO-related. They were like took care nothing of SHINee and now use them like a strong tool. Look at the stages at SBS Gayo Daejun this year, and those fashionista videos, the videos/photos, and now even appear in the teaser of them =.=

      • What about ZLY and Jonghyun’s duet? That was a pre-debut release, if I understand correctly.

        Anyway that’s not really my point. I don’t mean only the period at/before debut. “Bringing them out” happens at any time, as long as there’s one group that’s more experienced/popular (I don’t think it’s debatable that suju/snsd remain more popular, at least domestically, than our boys) collaborating with a less experienced/popular group. e.g. with the boys performing Miracle with suju, or with Minho appearing in the Gee MV. These were good opportunities for exposure for us, simple as that.

  2. I’m feeling so hyped up when i heard Key’s rapping in the teaser honestly. Truthfully, I’m ok with this family helping each other.
    I bet it’s not a good time for SHINee to come back just yet since EXO is coming big for SM right now.
    Key’s rapping is sexy & fierce. i love it a lot. I’m amazed when i heard of it.

    p/s : I wonder why SM has been using Kai in like almost all their teasers.

  3. HE SOUNDS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE EXTREMELY AWESOME!!! this is one of the best raps i’ve heard!!! it’s SOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!! wow!!!!

    yeah seriosuly SM need to stop with teasers and just give us EXO!! but more importantly SHINee!!

  4. yeah..
    at the beginning i liked exo as well, but sm new promotion strategy made me change my mind
    they made sm look like the only member of exo :@
    sm delay SHINee’s comeback bcz of exo’s promotion :@

  5. His rap is awsome >~< So sexy
    But I wonder why Key is alway the one who ft in sombody else's song but not Minho :)) Don't misunderstand me, I just wondering. Maybe because his voice matches better than Minho's?

  6. hi, if you all have seen the results from japan golden disc award? why SHINee not win rookie award but beast won it. we all know how hard work our boys in japan and yeah I’m so disappointed now. 😦

    • October 2010 to November 2011 that was the months they counted for the award… To be honest I seriously don’t know how this affect the whole result but some people say it make sense since SHINee only had full on Japan promotion during 2011 while 2PM and B2ST already started in 2010. Personally, I felt that the most Japan GDA could have done was to put them as a nominee but they didn’t. I being a shawol, of course I feel they are suppose to win but I am too biased and too focus on SHINee so I can’t judge whether or not B2ST deserve it. So all shawol can do is to accept it and hope that this year would be SHINee’s year.

      • I think it’s probably because SHINee’s first album was released in December and so was not counted as candidates?? Shawols sometimes tend to be too impatient in their desire to see SHINee prosper. Believe me, we’ll see SHINee shine more and more and conquer the world 😉

  7. amen to that!

    oooh, Key’s voice is so fierce and deep and so manly. i’m so curious to see the MV.

  8. Key is awesome as always ❤ and im so excited about his debut in musical ❤

    about EXO's promotion: at first i didnt even care much about EXO. ok, they're a new group, Kai is a close friend of Taem. that's great to know our maknae has a close friend in SM, im happy for him. but as the promotion of EXO goes on, sorry but i start to think that SM makes use of Taemin-Kai friendship and SHINee to promote EXO. SBS Gayo Daejun stage kinda pissed me since SHINee/Suju was like the supporting performers while EXO was like the main point of the perf. the worse thing is that they're not as talented as i expected or as what SM made people thought about EXO. im not literally saying that EXO isnt talented becuz they havent had many chances to show us. but im talking from the marketing point of view, it is called dissatisfaction, which is caused by the fact that something falls short of someone's expectation.

    the whole fuss about EXO that SM has created, has had negative effects on me personally, who at first was so neutral about the band's debut. and i somehow feel bad for SHINee… at the moment im just looking forward to our boys' comeback and wish them all the best =]

    • I start having some doubts about their talents too. I’m still waiting to see who is the main singer and how well he can sing, and how other members can perform in harmony as a group. Well, tombrady’s girl says SM’s marketing strategy is ruining EXO’s potential, but I’m starting to suspect that the truth is EXO needs that kind of marketing. Anyway, these are just my thoughts. I won’t make any rash judgments until I see their live performances.

      • about talent, if Jino (from sm the ballad) really is going to debut in EXO, his voice is just really great, he’s really cute too and i love that boy!! and i think kai’s dancing skill is really awesome too. but idk with other guys. not that i’m on exo’s side.

        the whole sm using the ‘family’ thing i agree. and also the fact they’re here after the hallyu became big, now being famous is an instant for them, especially from the huge SM company with all their already famous seniors.

        but you guys, maybe we’re getting all these feelings because we’re a little jealous how sm’s promoting exo that huge, *but i’m pretty sure shinee’s proud and happy for exo too*, and also we miss shinee so much and want them to comeback soon right? kekeke *or not…*

      • Jino seems not debuting with Exo. Some say he might debut as a vocal group like Fly to the Sky later this year.
        If Exo doesn’t do well, part of the damage will go to SHINee since our boys have to work harder to make up for it. So I’m not against Exo’s success. I’m not really jealous about SM’s big marketing for Exo. With Kpop’s success, Exo has benefits and also challenges because they have tougher competition in the current market condition with other new groups mushrooming. Compared to SHINee’s debut time, it’s now harder to make a strong impression with fresh images.
        I just have to see Exo perform as a whole group to figure out how much potential they have as a group and how far they can go. But I also know well that success and popularity are not necessarily proportional to talents in entertainment industry. So let’s see. (Even though they make it big, I wouldn’t become their fan unless I think they are truly talented. My standards are pretty high; that’s why I like SHINee 😀 )
        As an Entertainment industry observer who try to be cool-minded even as a fan of SHINee, I’m curious to see how SM’s new promotion strategies for Exo will turn out. I’m also keeping tabs on SM’s strategy for SNSD in the U.S.

  9. “Even though they make it big, I wouldn’t become their fan unless I think they are truly talented. My standards are pretty high; that’s why I like SHINee”

    THIS!!! As huge as SNSD are, I just don’t find them very talented. The most talented member is Taeyeon. The others are just very mediocre at singing and dancing… even super junior has more talented members than SNSD. I do like the girls but i can’t love them too much if I can’t admire them for their talents.

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