SHINee Photobook?

Someone, whose sister works for a publisher, dropped info at DC gallery that SHINee’s photobook is going to be published. It’s not official yet. But I’m sharing this info, so you can look forward to it while saving money for it 😉


10 thoughts on “SHINee Photobook?

  1. aaaa really? b-but do they have time to do the photobook shooting? I mean minho is doing his sitcom and onew was sick and all idk kekeke
    and and how I wish they’ll do something like all about dbsk or snsd DVD and photobook!!! ^,^

  2. I just want them to make their comeback in Korea… its been a year and half since Lucifer… I don’t care about their Japanese activities if EMI is going to keep doing things like this…

  3. maybe it’s the booklet for the album?
    or maybe a photobook from NY or London !
    They took plenty of photos over there
    but i wouldn’t say no to an All About SHINee DVD set !!
    you can see cameras following them pretty much everywhere
    all those videos should be put to a good use !!^^

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