[photo&capture] Jonghyun with Exo and f(x)

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*Jonghyun shows his sweet side as a sunbae with Taemin and f(x) Sulli & Krystal.


15 thoughts on “[photo&capture] Jonghyun with Exo and f(x)

  1. are any of the EXO members younger than taemin? or are they all older/same age??

    hehe SM family love ❤

    • nvm i just answered my own question ^^ keke.

      from the information released thus far via. EXO’s official facebook fan page it seems (so far) the age ranges from 1990-1994

      • not as far as i know ^^”. Not all of the member profiles have been released yet I only found the profiles of the members that SM already released teasers for. Taeminnie is definitely hyung to some of them, but I don’t think by much.

        Jino from SM The Ballad is going to be in EXO too ! (Most likely EXO K), and he’s born 1992. so far it doesn’t seem like the age will branch past 1994.

      • oh sorry my mistake! the page i was looking at wasn’t really SM’s official page it was a fan page. SORRY T_T

        so as far as I know, Jino may or may not be a part of EXO. but there are members age who ranges from 1990-1994

        sorry for the mistake!

      • It’s OK. You don’t have to apologize. I was just pointing it out. I hear that Jino hasn’t practiced with Exo, but nothing for sure.

  2. I was just wondering earlier today when anyone would sub these. But of course you have already subbed them^^ u r amazing

  3. Thank you! I’m overwhelmed by the pretty.

    Sooo, was Jjong just there to take photos/supervise Taemin or was he actually part of a shoot? I mean, the make-up would suggest the latter, in which case I’m hoping to see him in today’s footage!

    • Okay, so apparently it’s just EXO/SNSD in today’s footage so…either he really was just there to take photos or nobody bothered to film his shoot?? I’m slightly dissatisfied with both those options!

      • You didn’t know this is all part of SM’s new marketing strategies for Exo? That’s fine with me. We had a 6-minute long clip focused on Jonghyun as a photographer. We’ll see his photos on the magazine when it comes out.

      • Of course EXO get the most exposure, but EVERYONE else was filmed in their actual shoot except him – Jjong very rarely gets brought out for variety shows/anything not singing related, so I was excited to see him in that context and am thus disappointed, that’s all I’m saying.

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