[interview] Minho on Acting in Salamander Guru and the Shadows

“My character in the sitcom is a serious one, but I want to deliver happiness to viewers. Oh Dalsoo sunbae-nim wrote on his script, “I’ll blow away all the people’s stress of the week with my acting”. I also want to make viewers happy.”

“It was awkward in the beginning. I did an one-episode drama before, but it’s been a while since I did it, so I felt very awkward. Now I feel more comfortable with the staff and with other sunbae actors. I can now express one by one what I didn’t know how to at first.”

“I grew my hair long and darkened its color to look chic. And I have my hair cover my eyes, so my look can be expressive even though I stay still.”

“My character is opposite to Minhyuk. So it feels very amazing and interesting to come back to myself after being engrossed in acting the chic character.”

His activities as [SHINee] are expected to be in the first half of the year. SHINee stayed abroad most of last year for Kpop activities. They are planning to release a regular album one and half year after their 2nd regular album Lucifer in 2010.

[Source: http://www.gamechosun.co.kr/ent/view.php?no=271; Trans by jujugal]

*OK, so it’s a regular album, not a mini. Sure it should be after such a long wait! Yay~


6 thoughts on “[interview] Minho on Acting in Salamander Guru and the Shadows

  1. yay full album!!!!!!!! it feels kinda weird tho cuz snsd just released their third album not long ago too

  2. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad to read this!!! can’t wait for their comeback!!!
    thanks for the updates!!

  3. OMGG Minho, you’re so precious n gorgeous. That long hair again~ i loved it. Hehe.
    Regular album? That was worth the wait! Super excited for it. Rumors of their comeback date has going around alot and i guess there’s no other way to know it than to wait for SM to break the news~ :3

    • I’ve learned a lot about patience last year with regard to SHINee 😉 Hope SM can make up for our long wait by giving their full support. Although I try not to have too high expectations…

      • True. And i learnt about how is it to miss them badly.
        SM, you should make up for this. Shawols are all anticipate their comeback. Seeing how SM promote SHINee, i think their comeback would be around Feb-April? Exo doesnt debut yet also. And SHINee members are kept busy in activities in Korea too.

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