[Q&A] What Magic Would You Use for Other Members?

Q. If you could use magic for one day, what magic spell would you use for other members?

– Key: I would cast a spell over Taemin not to lose things.



– Taemin: I would create wings for all our members.

[Source: DC Shinee Gallery; http://blog.naver.com/hang_a?Redirect=Log&logNo=40149121895]

*Hope someone posts other members’ answers.


6 thoughts on “[Q&A] What Magic Would You Use for Other Members?

  1. speaking of Taemin losing things, I wonder does he still have the same phone cuz I bought that phone yesterday (whooo :D) and named it Minnie >.<

      • yes samsung galaxy s2 (that’s also what I got) but I don’t remember when I last saw him with it, he couldve already lost it and gotten something new..
        (not that this rly matters, i didnt pick the phone cuz of him 😀 it was actually the cheapest/best that could fit my music and then some, cuz i dont want a phone and an mp3 player separately)

      • I think he’s still using it. Well, I didn’t see any picture of him with his cell phone in his hand lately either 😉 Anyway, galaxy s2 seems pretty good from what I’ve heard from users.

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