[vote] Perfect Boy Group Leader

To vote for Onew, click here: http://seoulbeats.com/2012/01/the-perfect-boy-group-leader/


*Who are making up stories like Onew being hospitalized? He must be resting well at their dorm, and some fans are making up these stories…for what? Last time someone cooked up a fake interview about leader Onew being appreciated by members. We all KNOW how he is respected and appreciated by the other members. You don’t have to make and spread a fake interview. That interview was fishy because it patched up parts from other real interviews with a fake part about Key and Minho (probably by a MinKey shipper). It looked like an interview in which Onew is appreciated for his leadership, but at a close reading it was to imply Minho and Key are close to each other. Are people doing this for fun? or is the line between reality and fantasy blurred for them due to too much fangirling?


6 thoughts on “[vote] Perfect Boy Group Leader

  1. “Are people doing this for fun? or is the line between reality and fantasy blurred for them due to too much fangirling?”

    Sometimes this is REALLY why i hate the international fandome
    and then the korean fandome says so bad things about us….

    thank you for someone finally is bringing up this matter
    of fake news/interviews/rumors i’m really sick of it,,>.<

  2. That article about Onew being appreciated really bothered me. Although I would have liked all of that to be true, it read like fanfiction and I knew it couldn’t be. The really sad part is that these days everyone seems to just take what people say and believe it. They don’t look for an original source. If the person says it is confirmed ot they write [CONFIRMED], [NEWS], or [INFO] it they just take it and run with it.

    With those rumors about Onew being in the hospital there was a person who was writing things like “he is getting an infusion and his test haven’t come out yet”. Lol, how do you know? You don’t know Onew or have contact with SM entertainment. But people were liking the post, reblogging it, etc. Why have people gotten so dumb lately?

  3. i knew there’s something wrong with those ‘infos’ i cant take any more fangirls D:
    and the jongkey UFO replies too, gaaah it’s another fangirls’ job right?

  4. Well that explains why I couldn’t find the rest of the “interview” or even from where the interview came from >_>;; as to why ppl are doing this? unfortunetly I feel it much more the latter then the former, I just feel a growing number of fans are taking it way too far, letting themselves get too wrapped up in things.

    But whatever the case fans just need to be more careful & check the sources, If you can’t link the info to a legit source then it’s probably something that should be taken w/ a grain of salt ><;;

  5. Omg~!! O___O I really thaught Onew was sick XD I read something like SHINee’s comeback would be on January, 11 [I mean, today], and because there were no teasers they invented that… what the hell?!

  6. But I do remember reading something similar (not exactly the same) to this interview but way back in 2008. It was also from Candy magazine. I do not think the entire article/interview was made up. I believe it is half-truth/half-fan-fiction esp the Min-Key part. I am not saying they are not close or were not close during debut. The comments were just so unlike Key.

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