[me2day] Key & Taemin at Osaka Athena Concert

[Key] At Osaka Concert!! kyakya sending greetings with Taemin!


*Fans are trying to read any hints about their next album from this picture! ;D


5 thoughts on “[me2day] Key & Taemin at Osaka Athena Concert

  1. HAHAHA everybody has their eagle eyes on for any possible hint of their comeback~~ XD
    what about this one…………..? ^^;;
    or is this just Minho being dorky and SHINee just having fun………….? OTL

    credit: stmeen
    Really glad you’re back Juju~!
    Most people, if not all, would probably agree that you are one reliable source for SHINee-related stuff~!! 짱이다~~!!!!

  2. awwwwwwwww such cuties *w*
    I´m looking forward to Jongkey´s DJ-ing , maybe they´ll give us some hints about it too?? waaaaaaaaaaa I´m getting so excited with each day that passes by <3333
    Even tough you haven´t finish with your personal work yet, you still manage to update us *v* .
    Thank you so much ❤

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