Happy New Year~ Happy SHINee’s Come Back 2012~

[Cr to Nexon Music]

Hi shawols~

It’s been a long time! How have you been?

Wow, my blog has had visitors while I’m on hiatus. Thanks to all of you who have left warm comments.

Tonight, all of us who watched SHINee’s hot and passionate Lucifer Rock ver. performance cannot calm down to go back to sleep or to our routine. You all felt SHINee’s message through their music, right? Yes, yes, they are coming back T.T They must have missed it so much T.T

Now Jonghyun is replying fans’ UFO Town messages. One of them was about their comeback. He says that at the end of their performance there was originally a spoiler about their comeback. It was cut off (probably by MBC?)

Listen carefully: you can hear “SHINee’s back” whispered right before Sistar’s performance.

SHINee’s Back

SHINee’s Back – Minho-focused fancam by Dreaming

SHINee’s Back – Jonghyun-focused fancam (This one shows all the members)

SHINee’s Back – Key-focused fancam

SHINee’s Back – Onew-focused fancam

SHINee’s Back – Taemin-focused fancam

SHINee’s Back – all

According to a fan who went to watch the show, SHINee danced to a clip of an unknown song after the lighting was off before they left the stage. Hope someone captured it in a fancam [*Edit: from the fancam, I don’t think they danced to a clip of their new song to be in their comeback album. It seems like just a gesture to ?? or can it be really an intro to a new song??]

*Edit: One of Key’s UFO replies: [we] put together songs that will make your hearts burst, so look forward to it~

– Shawols, be prepared (I don’t know how, though) for more dying and resurrecting experiences 😉

*Edit: One of Jonghyun’s UFO replies:

[Fan] Johnhyon* do u know today’s performance was applauded a lot? ㅋㅋㅋㅋDeoku* felt so proud ㅠㅜ (*K-fans mimic abroad fans’ pronunciation of Jonghyun’s name 🙂 *Deoku – a Korean term derived from ‘Otaku’, a Japanese word for ‘geek’)
[Jonghyun] Don’t be dispirited! Straighten up ur back! Sorry for making you wait so long

[Source: bestiz.net]

– Jonghyun is so sweet! (I don’t have Photoshop in my new computer, so I can’t post a capture of this message)


45 thoughts on “Happy New Year~ Happy SHINee’s Come Back 2012~



  2. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! You are back TT___________TT, as soon as I saw that there was a video uploaded in your account, I rushed to this page and I found such a pleasant surprise.
    Today I really felt how much I´ve been missing SHINee TT.TT (I´m such a cry baby buuuu ) and I can´t put in words how happy and excited I was when they were performing *v*
    I really hope you are doing well *w*. Thank you so much for sharing this with us because that whispering was a little bit hard to catch ,especially because after that performance I was like in my SHINee World heaven xD.
    I don´t know if you are going to continue with your hiatus or not but I´d like to tell you that all the awesome work you did was very useful for all of us =D . I wish you all the best and
    Happy New year to you too!!! *w* <33333

    • Thanks for your comment. I couldn’t resist my impulse to share this exciting news with you all. I’m still not quite finished with what I’ve been working on… let’s see. If SHINee makes a come-back, I’m not sure how I could resist my desire to share the joy with you 🙂

      • *w*!!! don´t worry I´m sure everyone will be waiting patiently for you =D.
        jejejejeje SHINee´s comeback is so tempting and so hard to resist xD.
        keep doing well *v* …take care n.n
        (I´m gonna keep checking this blog constantly jijijijiji xD)


    aaaaa im so exciting with the comeback kekeke, hopefully they will come back asap. .
    i miss them so much

    Happy New Year everyone. .
    Happy New Year Juju, glad you come back~! hhe

  4. You’ve returned!!! \(^o^)/ Happy New Year & welcome back! I have nothing to say except i’m super excited for Shinee’s impending comeback! XD

  5. :OOO You’re back! I hope you had a good Christmas, and Happy New Year!!

    Shinee’s performance was awesome and I can’t wait for more info on their comeback. I’m really curious about what their concept will be like. Everyone on tumblr has been freaking out all day lol.

  6. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!! you’re back~!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i missed you so much!!!
    i came everyday just to check if you came!!
    SHINee are back and now you!! best way to start a new year!!

  7. OMFG!! SO MUCH GOOD NEWS!!!! YOU ARE BACK JUJU!!! I MISSED YOU AS HELL! I SWEAR IT! AND NOW YOU BRING US EXCELLENT NEWS!!! Omg! I think I can´t take this.. so much in here! omg!!!

  8. What can make a SHINee comeback even better? A Juju comebak along it!
    You have no idea how much we missed you and ani swear everytime you liked something on youtube i went crazy coz i thought you were back.
    Anyway i hope you had a good rest time… No more time to waste^^
    Have a shining year Juju ah<3

  9. omg juju is back too!!! welcome back dear!! you have no idea how happy i am xDD HAPPY NEW YEAR~ <33

    omg i’m so excited about this…those long-waiting for our boys to comeback are gone now, we must prepare ourselves because 2012 will be THE YEAR OF SHINEE !!!!!!!!^^

  11. Juju I Miss You !!
    welcome back and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!
    i’m so excited for SHINee comeback!

  12. oh my gosh, Juju you’re back! Happy New Year \()/
    this is awesome, yeah i was so surprised to see you uploaded something on my YT subscription list and then i immediately rushed here! ❤ i'm so happy that SHINee's coming back and the fact that you're back with us again! and i just wanna say, thanks so much for everything in 2011, hopefully we all can have a SHINeeing new year in 2012 too~!
    AND OMG! i'm sooooo excited for SHINee's future comeback ;~;

  13. Omgosh does this mean you’re not on hiatus anymore?!?!! Been missing those subbed videos of yours!!:DDDDD
    Here’s to a happy SHINING SHINEE new year to you!!!:)))

  14. OMG juju, you’re back. we have been missing you like crazy! *bigshawolhug*
    Prayed you are doing fine over there.
    What other news make us happier than this news of SHINee coming back!! Im sure excited as hell. 😀
    SHINee ‘s back FOR REAL!!

  15. yay!!!! you’re back!!!! and SHINee’s coming back too!!!! yayay perfect way to start the new year^^ kkkk

  16. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /TEARS OF HAPPINESS T0T<333333

  17. juju! 🙂 you’re back. how i’ve missed you. its not easy to find and get updates on these boys without you. i’m glad you’re back from hiatus! anyway, i’m anticipating 2012! i miss them like really.

  18. JUJU! finally you already comeback. I’m nearly to heart attack when check my email. welcome juju welcome~ 😀

  19. Wow, you’re finally back! I’m definitely anticipating SHINee’s return as always!

    Nice to have you back too jujugal. 😀

    we have all missed you so much. happy new year juju!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. kyaaaa~~~your’re back!i’m so glad!i bet everyone feel the same…^^ happy new year anyway…hope to hear from u soon~~miss u a lot!oh!n i cant wait for shinee’s comeback!dying to see them on stage again…^^

  22. AHgFHGFAJFHajf OMG JUJU YOU’RE BACK!!!! *\(^o^)/* I’VE MISSED YOU ;~; I’ve been so lost without you, I don’t think you realize how much you mean to so many of us (◦˘⌣˘◦)εˇ )
    And even if you’re not back 100% it’s still better than nothing! ♥


  23. WAAA I’M SO EXCITED!!! SHINee are such a tease.
    Thankyou for coming back jujugal! i hope you sub much more videos!
    Love you!

  24. There’s rumors going around that Shinee’s comeback is on January 17th. There’s a lot of reasons I don’t believe this, lol. But the main reason is that the 17th is on a Tuesday, and no music shows broadcast that day.

    Have you heard anything about this, Juju?

    • I know there are now lots of rumors about SHINee’s comeback schedule, but nothing has been confirmed yet. I don’t know whether it could be a leak by an insider or a complete fake by someone. Can it be a date for a teaser coming out? Let’s wait and see…

  25. it’s good to hear from you, even though you’re not done with your work yet. i hope work eases up on you so you can enjoy shinee’s comeback, whenever that may be! (:

  26. JUJUUUU OMG you’re back!!
    supeeer dupeeer excited about their korean comeback, i wonder when it’ll be xD
    the thing confused me is are they going to have the same promotion time with exo? hmm
    … oh well, thank you for coming back juju ^^
    i miss shinee soooo much and i miss your updates too 😀

  27. hi Juju..
    I was there at MBC Music festival.
    Seeing them in flesh again was a highlight during my trip to Seoul.
    I was so high during their performance, Missing them much after their Singapore concert.
    “SHINee is BACK!” that was really made me jump of my seat. So happy to hear it.
    And yes, after that, it was kinda hanging there until the boys left the stage.

    Can’t wait for their comeback. Read somewhere it may be in March?
    not too sure abt it, though.
    But with their Arena tour in April, not sure if they have time for it in the first half of the year.

    • All different rumors about their comeback day. Fans are guessing and hoping it’d be in February. No one knows yet for sure. How did you make it to the festival? Good for you that you were there to hear “SHINee’s back” in person! Their arena tour starts at the end of April, so if they make their comeback in February, there’d be enough time to promote the new album.

      • We won the tickets through balloting from MBC.
        Didn’t get a chance with SBS Gayo and KBS, but i think the boys only performed in full force for MBC gayo (Taemin danced with EXO members in SBS gayo?)

        I was hoping they would have the encore of SHINee 1st Concert during that time, which did not happen because they were busy in Japan. It would be nice to catch the encore in Seoul since I attended their Seoul and Singapore concerts
        I will never forget these two concerts. Seoul was the first venue I saw them performed live and the Singapore concert, I was seated on the 3rd row from the stage, basically the boys were just few meters away from us.

        Arena tour, 14 performances in 7 cities. If only I have the time and means to attend.

        Wishing them the best in their comeback preparation and Arena tour.

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