[juju] back to a hiatus…

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OK, I’m going back to a hiatus mode again. This time a little longer one [for some personal work]. Hope everyone has good SHINee days!

Up by ladychrispy

– Adding this must-watch fancam… I had to. I’ve waited for this since she posted a preview clip. Turns out more awesome than I expected. Tae looks like he’s missed dancing on stage and performs so fiercely.


72 thoughts on “[juju] back to a hiatus…

  1. gonna miss you juju~ ;(
    anyway, thanks a zillion for the amazing updates & pls take care of yourself ok? ^^;;
    good luck. :))

  2. We appreciate everything from you Juju~! Thank you so much~β™₯
    Take care and we’ll miss you~~~~
    We’ll be waiting for you~~^_^

  3. Take time and remember, whatever you’ve got to get through right now, we are beside you.
    Take a gooooooood care and make a big comeback Juju :*
    We love you xoxo

  4. Juju fighting~!! Thank you for your amazing blog. I’ll be waiting for your comeback. Take your time and take care~ ^^;;;

  5. Take all the time you need, but for purely selfish reasons I’m gonna miss you like crazy, Juju ;3
    Take care. I’ll wait for you~

  6. Dear Juju,

    It has come to my attention that this website, http://www.kshownow.net/search/label/SHINee has been profiting from your subbed videos.

    I am not sure whether you’ve given them permission and I wanted to alert you because I know how much hard work you put into those subs. I hope you will look into this matter and ask them to remove the videos from their website as it is not fair that they are getting money from your videos.

    They have been stealing subbed videos from 2PM and Super Junior as well. I hope you are doing well in your hiatus!

    Hope to see you soon!

  7. Juliette is coming out tomorrow and you’re not here. It feels weird and empty without you, Juju. Hope you’re dealing with your personal stuff well, and hope you come back soon. <333

  8. i know u might know it before but i’m just so happy that i have to write on your blog. SHINee finally will perform on Music Station in Sept 9th. We have been waiting for so long, right? A lot of good news come today ^^

    • Congrats to the boys. They sold out their pre-sales units ESP for Premium A for channels like Tower Records, CD Japan, etc. Wonder if it’s already in the 25k.

      They did so great at Odaiba. I can’t believe 80k people applied. No wonder they added a 2nd show. I’m happy they are getting so much love in Japan.

      • Hate that akp had that misleading article about it. People r now saying negative things about shinee.. I really do hope the sales would increase during the next few days.

        I hope the boys continue to receive lots of love from japan as they really deserves it<3 im quite worried about the weekly chart but im still keeping my hopes up!

      • don’t know if it’s true but i heard that the sales on Aug29th are actually limited for the Odaiba audience only. I heard that only 10k were availlable, but may be because of the adding 2nd stage so that the sale went up to 25k. The open sale only begin on Aug 30th, So we can expect more and more sale, and with a lot of performances, TV appearance (ie MJ, MS, Happy Music, Odaiba, SMT concert,….) i secretly hope for a 100k+ and may be a platinum after a long run ^^

      • ^ @Tiff: That’s actually news to me. I haven’t heard about this before. If that’s the case then, I’m definitely sure the sales will increase buckloads tomorrow. I also wasn’t aware that SHINee will be performing on Music Station soon. I’m so behind on news these days lol. Thanks for the updates ^^

        Feel free to post up more for me. I don’t know any other sites except this one lol. XD

      • @SHINee4ever: i feel so sorry, may be what i know so far is just so wrong and many fellow Shawols here are already faster than me to inform u the current position of Shinee on Oricon chart. Whatever happens, i still believe in our boys, i know that they are strong enough not to be upset about a number so i won’t either.

  9. @[everyone] – I hate to be a downer but I am stating this to encourage fans to BUY THEIR COPY OF JULIETTE NOW if they have not done so.

    I am glad that the boys placed first but more important, I believe, is total sales regardless of ranking. 25k in 1 day is a good number for any rookie. Because they started so strong with Replay, everyone is watching and some are saying Juliette is not doing well. I think the Aug 29 sales from record stores (not 100%) is already part of the 25k, plus what was sold in Odaiba (around 1k only if I am not mistaken). They topped Tower Records (stores) on Aug 30th (for Aug 29 sales) but already dropped out of the top 5 (for Aug 30 sales) today probably because of the new releases.

    Two possible scenarios:
    1. Overall pre-selling (all 3 versions) & record store sales on Aug 29th was not strong [Some are saying most people buy CDs at the start of the week, which is Tues/Wed]
    2. It has not been 100% reported yet since their release date is so odd.

    Let’s hope for the best and help out by buying their CD since the boys are so hardworking. They hardly promoted Juliette prior to release but have TV appearances and SM Town to help promote the new songs.

    Fighting SHINee and SHINee World!

    for is alrady They released on the last day of the week so most of their competition had almost 5-days advantage over them. I think the Aug 29 sales from record stores was already recorded in the 25k.

    • Anyone know when oricon would release the daily chart for the 2nd day? Im really worried that it wont be much. A lot of people r already saying juliette is a flop 😦

  10. Fellow shawols… They are now at #6 😦 not doing well so far, i really wonder why their sales r low..

    • I would not worry too much. They are rookies and have sold 25k for day 1. If they sold half of that today, they would have sold approximate 37k for 2 days. That’s hardly flopping as rookies with a 2nd single. Just ignore the anti’s.

      This is definitely lower than Replay either bec they had a lot of promos before (London, the premium receptions, etc) but there is hardly any for Juliette. I think EMI is banking on SM Town, SHINeeWorld and TV performances to boost sales. Maybe they miscalculated by not doing a lot of promos after Replay did so well. It could be people are not a big fan of Juliette. It’s a shame because Kiss Kiss Kiss is quite good.

      Here are facts to counter anti’s: 100k applied for their concerts in Dec so they had to add a 2nd show; 80k applied for Odaiba so they added a 2nd show, they added 3 SHINee World concerts approximately with 30k in total, they already have an endorsement deal in JP.

      I believe they will eventually get to 100k but might just take longer. I am okay with that. The current fan base is strong but they need new JP fans. Original JP songs will help and Kiss Kiss Kiss is a step in the right direction. I wish they would do more guerilla shows and sing in the radio live too.

    • do you guys know how much sales for number 1, 2, and 3? because i dont know how to read japanese.
      i wanna know if their sales is big then its okay for shinee in number 6. but if their sales is low, then shinee sales must be very low.
      sorry for my poor english.

  11. I wish EMI would have just released Juliette on a normal day. Now in the back of my mind I’m always going to question if sales would have been better if they did. It’s just weird that the sales are this low. At this point more of Japan should know them. With Replay they were just riding off fans who knew them from K-pop. Theoretically, sales should have gotten better.

    The only answer is Shawols didn’t buy it, or didn’t buy as many copies. But oh well. It’s not the end. They will have another single, and the next one will be an original. Hopefully it will do better~

    • Maybe Shawols didn’t buy as many copies as for Replay? I mean they bought many copies for Replay to apply for the reception debut events. But for Juliette – they dont have any event (handshake, concerts…) But I still expect it to be higher since SHINee is obviously more popular than “some” other kpop groups. I really dont know what is happening, so worried rn but still try to look at positive direction. I don’t care about the sale much but think about how disappointed the boys will to know the hard works for the past few months didn’t increase their sale power let alone with decrease 😦 T

      • Hopefully EMI takes note of what went wrong here and fix it for their next release.

    • Over 50k and placed 3rd – it’s fantastic! It’s definitely lower than Replay for now. But I believe they are making good strides in Japan. The 2 shows in Odaiba and 80k applicants proved they are record setters in Japan. 3 more SHINee World concerts coming up.

      I really enjoyed their guesting in Music Fair – happy to see them comfortable and laughing a lot. Older SHINee is definitely less awkward. : )

  12. OMG SHINee is coming out with Lucifer JP single on Oct 12th! I knew they were gonna release another single within 2 mos of Juliette once I saw that twit that Boom Sonic was already mixing SHINee’s new song with TVXQ’s. I hope they have better promos than Juliette release.

    I a bit sad. It means no vacation for them yet. I hope it means plus no KR comeback this year so that they get some time off.

    SHINee, you are making me so poor. LOL

      • Yeah both are very, very solid song. I wish they would sing Kiss Kiss Kiss live too since it’s just a good song. I’m disappointed they didnt sing at SM Town Live.

        I’m seeing SHINee tomorrow in SG! Sooooo excited!

    • It’s all confirmed on their jp official website. Not that i’m sad but T.T. Our boys work so hard. it’s only a week after Juliette released and another single line up??? Following their footsteps for the past two weeks is heart breaking. Yesterday they presented in 3 different countries in the same day. How can it be??? I’m not the one usually complain about hectic schedule because i know that they work hard for good but…. they don’t even have one hour free and still can recording/filming/shooting for the new song???
      SHINee, i will love, respect and support u til the end ❀

  13. SHINee World SG Fan Account for anyone interested.

    IT WAS AMAZING! They didn’t seem tired at all that my heart was almost bursting with appreciation for their energy. I was worried about them because they arrived from JP at 630am. I got to the stadium at 11am and they were rehearsing already. That meant they really just slept on the plane (it takes 7 hrs from JP to SG) and didn’t rest much before the concert.

    They are such great performers. I think the boys are still on a high from their great performance at Music Station. Their ballads were sang perfectly, their dance songs with in- synch choreo & they were pretty energetic and fan-servicey. I was at the mosh pits so I got a close look at all 5 – they were happy and focused. I think they enjoy doing the concert a lot. Romantic was beautiful, as was Quasimodo and Life. Today, Onew and Jonghyun really, really sang beautifully – no cracks or stretched notes from either as far as I can tell. I realized during the concert that they do have a lot of the lines in SHINee songs so they have a lot of responsibility. I think Lucifer, Ring Ding Dong and Replay got the loudest cheers – and about the only ones where we knew the fan chant LOL. But overall, energy level from fans was high all the way thru.

    ONEW’s SOLO was again Nessum Dorma and it was SPECTACULARLY PERFECT. It was so beautiful that people actually stopped screaming and just listened but you can sense the energy level of people just bursting to start screaming again. I got goosebumps as well friends who stan the other boys. I cried a bit too. I was worried his voice would crack and destroy the performance. But I was wrong. Before he finished we knew he was gonna hit all the long notes in the last verse so the fans started screaming. I was annoyed to be honest because I only wanted to hear him sing. In any case, it was awesome. The cheers for Onew after was so resounding – I cried again LOL.

    My second fave solo was Jonghyun’s. He sang a new song – mostly in falsetto but I wished he sang it on his usual voice. The moments he was not in falsetto were awesome. But overall, it was a good solo – someone befitting of a lead vocalist. His voice was really good today. The others did their usual solo. Key had a lot of energy in his solo that I ended up jumping. Taemin is so good in drag – hahaha. His solo features him more as a dancer; it was good too. The abs flashing by Minho certainly got the fans going. But I was a bit disappointed bec his solo sounded lip-synched. His raps in Get Down etc were pretty good so I guess that’s why I was a bit disappointed.

    They were pretty playful during the Encore and lots of fan service.Jojo was lovely to hear live and One was so touching. That’s it! I hope the boys had as much fun as we did.

  14. I forgot to mention the OTPs….they were so many.
    1. Jongkey – the best was the “Happy G’day, I love you”
    2. OnTae – the best was when they kept fixing each others hats and pouring water on each other
    3. JongHo – Minho is adorable with Jjong; so much kinship LOL
    4. OnKey – right in front of me! Onew ran after Key in the corner and threatened to throw water at him. Plus he was so sweet when he put a towel on Key’s neck when he was full of pink confetti.
    5. 2min & Onho – I didn’t see this a lot bec I was stuck in 1 side of the mosh pits. Maybe others did.

  15. So guys, I hear that SHINee’s Japanese Lucifer teaser will be released on Sept. 15. So excited! XD

  16. It’s been exactly 1 month and we all really miss you! We hope you come back soon and just in time once the Japanese version of Lucifer is released.

  17. Juju, are you there ? :’D
    Ah, hope you are doing well now. I miss you, when you have finished your personal work please comeback :’)

  18. Juju-nim!! Just wanted you to know that we all still miss you and are thinking about you.

    I hope you are resting well and taking care of your personal stuff and that everything is fine with you.

    I wish you had twitter or something bc it feels like you just fell off the face of the earth even though you told us where you went. Haha. But yeah, we miss you! ❀

  19. we miss you lots juju.. hope ur back before shinee’s third single in japan comes out but it’s alright if u cant πŸ™‚ hope all is well

  20. Longest hiatus ever lol. I hope you’ll atleast be back before the release of their first Japanese album. We really need you back jujugal ><

  21. I keep coming to this blog just to see if u have come back ^^, I really hope you can return b4 SHINee’s first japanese album .
    We miss u a lot , Juju *w*!!!
    But above everything I hope u’re doing well =D take care n.n

  22. Checking in. It’s really seems like forever, but I hope you are doing well, Juju. We will be awaiting your return πŸ™‚

  23. Hi juju. I miss you so much it hurts. Lol. True though! Come back soon please? SHINee misses you too. πŸ˜›

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