[photo/fancam] SHINee on Korean Wave Concert

[Cr as tagged | Source: twitter; DC Shinee Gallery]

– Fans prepared a card section “SHINee” (on the right top of the picture of fans)

– Taemin said, “SHINee World, please wait for us a little more”: Does this mean they will come back soon?

– Onew made a heart singing “Believe my words” part in Hello

– Minho kept greeting fans. Key laughed big while Jonghyun was singing.

– Jonghyun looked lively singing Arirang at the ending. SHINee stayed on stage and greeted fans even after other singers all left. Jonghyun said, “Merry Christmas” to fans.

SHINee on Red Carpet Photo Wall:

Cr to SSTV | Up by PP2pinkyTOP85

Taemin dancing on slow motion: http://www.twitvid.com/LVW7W

Cr to ladycrispy | Up by taem0525

Taemin slipping on floor and playing with hyungs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujpDJFpo8II [Cr to intaemin] *I know they don’t allow a re-upload, but I can’t watch this big fancam videos on my computer. Too much buffering. I put the video as unlisted and make a link here.


19 thoughts on “[photo/fancam] SHINee on Korean Wave Concert

    • I think SHINee will be the last SM group to come back this year. Some time around the end of november. Snsd have been confirmed for a comeback in late september/october so they’ll probably end their album/repackage promotions in december. I don’t see SHINee coming back before that.

  1. there’s been this rumored list of all the comebacks going around tumblr

    shinee is put to be coming back in november. of course we know this isn’t confirmed. just thought id share. 🙂

  2. when will this be aired?
    and is the comeback list truee^?? i can’t wait for them to have a comeback, i miss shinee so much ><

  3. aww onew is the shortest member now.. guess he onewconditions too much with insoles unlike someone else >.<
    better leave home before the endless fancams start pouring in or ill never get anywhere 😀

    • Will you quit the Onew is the shortest comments! You’re upsetting Onew fans you know! We don’t bash your bias so please respect ours! Grow up! Be considerate!

      • We can’t judge SHINee members’ heights based on one picture. She should be more careful next time. And let’s try to be more understanding and not forget a sense of humor. No one was “bashing” a member here!

      • Sorry but repeatedly reading the same person comment this way felt like being put down as a fan. Sometimes the tinniest things especially if repeatedly said can make ones sense of humor go away. You are a very big Taemin fan too so reading things like this… you must know how it feels. T.T I hope everyone can be careful next time.

      • I apologize as the person in charge of this blog if you felt put down as a fan although I believe she didn’t intend to insult anyone. I understand. Right, we all should be careful and consider how others might feel.

    • Onew rarely wears insoles unlike the others. But more importantly, who cares who is the shortest or tallest in SHINee? They’re an idol group, not models. What matters more is whether they can sing and dance.

  4. ah…cant wait for SHINee comeback… ♥♥ but hope SM give them time to rest as well… they are so tired .. ==

    • It’s mainly because of flying back and forth. They looked lively during rehearsal and concert performance. Let’s not say “They look tired” when they are trying to show their best.

  5. Hey, jujugal. I just read somewhere online that Ellen from the Ellen Degenerous Show is going to invite one kpop group to her show but she wants to leave the choice to the public. We are supposed to leave comments on her youtube page, or send her a tweet, etc. Have you heard about this? If you go to her youtube page, there a bunch of comments that are already asking for groups. We need to spread the message and get Shinee here!!

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