5 thoughts on “[photo] SHINee at Incheon Korean Wave Concert I

  1. Sorry, maybe it’s out off topic here. But, I’ve just found today(sorry,maybe this news is out to date) an article about taemin “humiliating” an indie British band. I’ve shocked about that. And then I saw the vid (about this article) on U-tube and see the comments for the vid. It’s so funny that ONO’s vid come to be taemin 4 seconds’ vid. Until now, the comments always increase. but I just feel sorry for some of negative comments to taemin. Maybe it’ll hurt him:(

    • Oh, what negative comments? toward ONO? Cuz I don’t see negative comments to Taemin. Anyway, sorry about that. I added a question mark in the title. “Humiliated” is an English translation of “Gulyok”, a trendy word used in Korea. Hope no one is offended by it.

      • I’ve read all comments. And there are some of negative comments toward taemin. I think maybe because many shawols leave comments on that vid and there are some people that keep arguing about which is better between these 2 group. Wuiih, I really don’t like it, I hope Shawols won’t easily provoked and never reply those bad comments. Oh yeah, thanks 4 your hardwork. I always open ur blog first to know the new news of Shinee. Mmmm, I miss them:(

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