9 thoughts on “[photo] SHINee at Incheon Korean Wave Concert II

  1. Juju~ While searching, I came across this..
    I think this is a SNSD fancam but there’s MinKey in this….. >.<;;
    This was probably at the ending part…. It was titled "MinHo KISS Key"~~~~~

      • I dunno about 2min shippers, but this reinforces the faith of Jongkey shippers in Key. Key immediately moved his head back when Minho got close. However, when Jonghyun does something like that, Key doesn’t have the same reaction as when Minho did it.

      • Hmm…I think people can have all kinds of different dreams and nightmares about it 😉 It depends on how you read that (for instance, minkey shippers might think Key was just trying not to be too much revealing). Haha.

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