[news] SHINee to Appear at New York – Korea Festival

Hot Korean Wave stars are coming to New York.

K-pop stars and idol singers, including DBSK, 2PM, Lee Hyori, SHINee, and Sista, will guest-star in ‘New York – Korea Festival,’ an event to be held in Randall’s Island on 9 October to commemorate the 20th anniversary of South Korea’s accession to the U.N.

Other veteran singers and famous classical singers will also make appearances. American singers such as Michael Bolton and Village People will make touching performances.

The concert will start around 6 p.m. and continue for 3 hours. Its edited version (2hrs 20min) is to be aired on KBS 2TV in October.The concert’s general director, PD Park Taeho said, “It’s been known to be the Open Concert, but this is not part of the existing program, but has been planned to be a special concert for the 20th anniversary of Korea’s accession to the U.N. and for the Korean Wave boom. It is to promote the brand of Korea at the center of New York.”

Considering the recent K-pop boom, at least 30~40K people are expected to participate in the festival.

[Source: http://epaper.koreatimes.com/?branch=NY&sdate=20110812 | Eng summary by jujugal]

– revised at 3:17 p.m.

– I see K-pop fans are excited over this news. Those who can make it to the concert, you better get there as early as you can. It’s a free concert with top idol stars as guests. A hell gate will be open!


21 thoughts on “[news] SHINee to Appear at New York – Korea Festival

  1. hey juju i’m in GA and is there any further information about this event? i’m thinking on attending that event. thanks šŸ˜€

    • They held a press conference on 12 August, and there must be more information available later. It seems that allkpop also posted this news.

    • I’m also in GA and debating strongly…would realy love to go. I found out about it only a couple of days ago, kind of short notice.

  2. OMG!!! THEY’RE XOMING TO NYC!!! I won’t miss this for the world! Us NY shawols are sooo excited. We won’t miss this for the world. šŸ˜€

  3. hi…i was checking the link in korean….does it really say shinee?because i dont see their poster along with 2pm ..hyori …sista…n dbsk….just wanted to confirm?

  4. i wish i can feel happy about this
    First they announced SM town in Paris a week after i left Paris
    Now they’re coming to NY 2 10 days after i left NY to return to Paris, how irony is that?????

    • What!!!! Oh dear I’m so sorry… but I guess there wouldn’t be any way to turn it around even though you got the announcements while you were there??

      • nah i can’t … Work start in the beginning of October, and i already book the ticket T__T … on the bright side, i don’t have to line up all day :))

  5. When i heard about this, i started crying sooo much! im such a huge shawol! im so happy because i actually live in new york(:

  6. hey i have a question. i live in LV and am flying out to go to the concert but how early do you think i should go? ‘cus i don’t wanna fly all the way out there and end up not being able to see them. .__.

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