[fancam] Taemtree Photobook+DVD Teaser

Up by taemtree

– This was uploaded one month ago. I want a set so badly T.T

– Taemin cute & sexy, cool & hot


3 thoughts on “[fancam] Taemtree Photobook+DVD Teaser

    • The website is http://www.tae-min.com/. You will see the sale pop-up. This notice for overseas fans was on the Q&A board:

      To celebrate, we are making TAEMTREE 1ST PHOTOBOOK+DVD SET : ‘ONE AND ONLY’ which will look back at the cherishable memories we had with TAEMIN. Please read the following notice carefully.

      – Description
      PHOTOBOOK A4 210*297 / ALL COLOR / 160p / replay ~ (Including many unreleased photos)
      DVD 1CD / 60min / 1280*720 size (high quality) / lucifer ~

      – Deposit Period
      2011.07.07 07:18pm ~ 2011.08.27 11:59pm

      – Price
      Please contact Q&A Board or Twitter(@TAEMTREE).

      – Gifts (THIS CAN CHANGE; please check the notice frequently)
      to all buyers : L holder file, photo cards set , mini poster
      first 50 SET buyers (starting at 07:18pm~) : slogan
      random gifts : slogan

      – PAYPAL ACCOUNT : taem_tree@naver.com (After payment, leave writing on sale board.) – there is a form to fill out.

      *The price is:
      1set : 32,000원 + 배송비 3,000원 = 35,000 Won
      2set : 64,000원 + 배송비 3,000원 = 67,000 Won
      3set : 96,000원 + 배송비 3,000원 = 99,000 Won
      4set : 128,000원 + 배송비 4,000원 = 132,000 Won

      – Don’t know how much it is in dollars. It depends on the exchange rate. It would be nice to have a set. Money, money, money T.T

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