[music] SHINee’s Kiss Kiss Kiss on K-Stream

Up by obo0525

– The DJ doesn’t talk that much this time, only at the end 😉

– I’m melting and dying with sweetness overload. Love it, love it, love it~

– Can’t wait to hear the full version >.<


8 thoughts on “[music] SHINee’s Kiss Kiss Kiss on K-Stream

  1. As much as I really want to hear the full song without interruption, I guess I should understand her job and that really, by talking at the end she’s preventing people from ripping it off and putting it up for DL.
    the boys deserve to have their first original japanese single heard in full quality when their album comes out and purchased ^^
    Kiss kiss kiss fighting!
    SHINee fighting!

  2. This is a very nice B-Side song. Their first original Japanese single should be much better then, right? hehe I have that hope

  3. i wonder if this sing is produced by japanese’s producer?
    because the melody is sound so much j-pop like for me, it’s beautiful ~<3
    and i really love it ^[]^

    • I also think it sounds very much like J-pop. It is beautiful, but I think our boys’ awesome voices make it such a beautiful song 😉

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