[fanaccount] SHINee at Sapporo Reception

Today’s set list was Replay-Hello-Replay (Abbey Road Studios version). It was lots of fun because they had a long talk time.

To the question how they study Japanese, their answer was they study with animation or dramas; and all of them like One Piece. And Key added Minho even bought One Piece goods ㅎㅎㅎ Taemin said he self-studies Japanese alone in their dorm. Then Key said he’s never seen it, so fans all laughed ㅎㅎㅎ

To the question what impressive episodes they had in London, Onew said he was happy because of the big chicken size. Watching the London promotion video with fans, he said, “I don’t know why our facial expressions are like that,” so fans laughed again ㅋㅋㅋ

When the MC asked whether they’d visit Hokkaido again, the members answered in Japanese, “Jehi, Jettai.” Then Onew added, “Gentleman.” ㅋㅋㅋ Japanese fans seemed they couldn’t catch Onew’s gag point or his 4-dimensional gag ㅎㅎㅎ (Onew cuteㅎㅎㅎ)

Talking about their new single Juliette to be released at the end of August, they introduced Kiss Kiss Kiss, an original Japanese coupling song, and asked fans if they pre-ordered it… ㅎㅎ

They seemed to find the sound of kyu-nyu (milk) interesting and repeated it ㅋㅋ Before the performance started, Key played with his mic as if he was making an announcement ㅎㅎ Key’s Japanese was good. Jonghyun also tried to speak in Japanese but…..ㅎ cute ㅋㅋㅋ He said he wants to eat Hokkaido food Jingisukan Soup Curry.

When I went to buy goods, all the goods were gone except for the fans and towels.

The hall was very small, so I saw them real close, but still I feel like I saw them on the monitor.

I went with a friend who is not a shawol. She said their live was really good, Onew and Taemin sing well, and she enjoyed it. Replay Abbey Road version is really good.

[Cr to JulietteHong@DC Shinee Gallery | Trans by jujugal]


13 thoughts on “[fanaccount] SHINee at Sapporo Reception

  1. Wow I am used to read “jonghyun and onew sing well” but this time is “Onew and Taemin sing well”. Tae really improved, now they are all good~~ Now i cant wait to see more of minhos awsomeness.
    Jonghyun is so cute lol at least he tries <33

      • but isn’t “Onew sings well” also something you don’t have to say because it’s obvious?

      • Didn’t I expect this when I wrote the comment? haha, right I think so, but she may not have known it before as she is not a shawol. Whereas Jonghyun’s singing is relatively well-known even to the non-fans.

  2. Oh i see now,why does taemin take jjong’s part.It’s coz taemin can speak japanese better than jjong,kkk~
    never mind oppa,atleast u’ve tried 🙂

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  4. Let’s respect each other’s people’s preferences. The fan’s friend thought Onew and Taemin sang well – that’s not an insult to Jonghyun nor did I think it meant jonghyun is so obviously good she did not have to say it. Some people prefer Jonghyun, others Onew or Taemin. Some even like Key’s voice ESP in their first album’s ballads. They each have their strengths and their voices complement each other to create good harmonies.

    We fans have our own preferences and are entitled to it. But we do not need to keep perpetuating this ‘competition’ mentality or the fandom’s divide will keep happening. Remember to RESPECT, guys. As someone pointed out before, 1 comment can hurt another fan with a different bias and this can lead to more ‘but x is better than y’ comments. Our perception of good or better could be different from others.

    This is in response to all the previous comments. I hope this does not offend anyone as it’s exactly what I am hoping to avoid.

    • I really wasnt so serious about it~~
      It just made me happy because over the years i have listened “Taemin cant sing” so many times already (by non-shawols ofcourse) so, someone who didnt know shinee said that taes voice is good so it made me happy. They are all have good but distintive voices and I love that^^


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