[photo] SHINee in Jeans & White Shirt

[Source: DC Shinee Gallery]

– This must be for Right-on, the denim brand they are endorsing

– Is a girl hiding in the middle? What is she doing there? @@


10 thoughts on “[photo] SHINee in Jeans & White Shirt

  1. they look like an 80’s band. when i first saw this picture, it kinda felt like that to me.
    i don’t get the poses though and why is there a girl in the middle but he face is no where to be seen o.0

  2. LOL It kind of looks like a cheesy romance novel like Fabio or something. xD Look at how their shirts are unbuttoned at the top. HAHHA

    But I think Key fills up his shirt nicely, and Minho looks hella smooth. Noms.

  3. *zooms into the picture* im sorry WHAT taemins legs are apart and the girl is between them???? o_O guuuurl get off! 😀 … japan continues to be straaaaange

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