Juliette m/v Aired on MTV – HD Version

Up by MyPrettyBoysSHINee

we need a HD version! Back to the replayx1000000000 mode 🙂

– Replaced with HD version!!! Thanks~~

– I find Minho’s rap in the Japanese version really hot; I want to see more of Jonghyun in red t-shirt; Taemin and Key in the same similar spidery costume in different colors!; Onew’s sweet smile on a close-up *0*

– the stomping sound is added to prevent people from extracting an (good quality) mp3 from the m/v as far as I know, so don’t complain about it!

6 thoughts on “Juliette m/v Aired on MTV – HD Version

  1. in ur posts can u plzzzzzzzzz add a URL and remove the http part ( for YT vids )
    cause i have some adobe flash problems.. i cant watch a YT vid posted anywhere else i just can watch it on the YT page T^T!! im soo troubled cause most of ur vids from YT are unseen if i searched em ! Plzzzz ill appreciate it =D !

  2. This mv/pv is soooooooooooooooooooooo good, I really love Taemina and Key here 🙂 Can’t wait for HD 😛 🙂

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