[TV] Juliette M/V Preview on Mezamashi TV

Up by obo0525

– I can’t wait to watch the full version! Mysterious and dreamy… I think I’ll like this Japanese version m/v more than the Korean one. Some of you complain about these remakes, but to a fan like me who came to know SHINee late, all these are wonderful bonuses I didn’t expect to receive.

– Key’s mask now fully revealed, it looks futuristic, doesn’t it? Taemin in green sleeveless *0*


7 thoughts on “[TV] Juliette M/V Preview on Mezamashi TV

  1. omigod, i really can’t wait for the MV to be released. Juliette is one of my favorite era.
    even though i’m already around since their debut days (well actually since amigo), but i really don’t mind to repeat it at all. i feel nostalgic. lol

    btw, i’m sorry to get off topic, but i think i really need to say this.
    for those who are complaining about the remakes etc, pls keep in mind that this is for their Japanese release, not for us Intl or K-Shawols.
    we may be already know their previous songs, but for MOST of the Japanese people, it’s all new song, they wouldn’t know the singer or the song except you release it in their country (maybe not for those some people who already a kpop fans). *this is what i heard from my relatives who live in JP*
    plus like Juju said, it’s a bonuses for those who came to know SHINee late.
    so pls just enjoy it. *sorry for my bad engrish >,<

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