[photo/fancam] SHINee at Sacheon World Percussion Festival

[Cr as tagged | Source: DC Shinee Gallery]

Cr to leejinki.kr | Onew performing Replay

Cr to onlywith-onew.com

Cr to ladycrispy

Cr to taemday0718

Cr to sign-jh | Up by SHINeeTree | Jonghyun hot summer hot hot~

Source: DC Shinee Gallery | Hello and talk

* This will be aired tomorrow night (Saturday) on a local channel. Hope someone will record it.

For more fancams…


Cr to please*3 | Taemin highlights

Cr to please*3 | Up by saya2735

[Thanks for the links, rongike!]

Cr to 110718


10 thoughts on “[photo/fancam] SHINee at Sacheon World Percussion Festival

  1. I fear that my dream of seeing Jonghyun with long hair will never come true…sigh.

    So much kudos to them for being able to swap constantly between the Japanese and Korean lyrics. I’m sure I’d be mixing them up all the time, I don’t know how they do it!

    Completely off-topic, but does anyone know if they actually appeared in the Geoje Sea Sports festival as announced? Because I thought it was meant to be end of July/beginning of August…

  2. i wonder if theyre working on their korean comeback as well already now that they r back in korea. in the sm schedule that was leaked a while back after suju there was someone’s 3rd album, so it could either be shinee or snsd. the last 2 sm promotion cycles shinee has been before snsd. tho both r busy in japan now but when has that stopped korean groups before… >.<
    buut in the leaked thing M1/M3 whatever was before suju (and csjh?) so maybe they r next instead.. even tho i want shinee back, i feel bad for these guys, they shood get to debut already 😀

  3. Awe.. I had hoped that SHINee did something related to the event.. like Ring Ding Dong with live percussion on the background or something funky and interesting. It was still great as usual… but I just feel they could have used this stage in a much more interesting way 😥

    • well the boys just got back to korea so i doubt they had the time to rehearse for a new stage like that.
      i’m just glad to see them performing =) i miss seeing their stages as they’ve been so busy prepping for their japan promotions and touring.

  4. It seems Minho has a new hair cut? He was perfect with his RDD hair. Anyway juju why you uploading just Taemin fan cames? Are there no other fancams of other members?^^

    • I think everyone had their hair (esp. front hair) trimmed. They look younger and cuter >.< I think there are fancams for other members, but I couldn't find them yet at DC or shakizi. I don't go to member fansites. The taemin fancam links were provided by rongike. If you find them, give me links.

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