[TV] SHINee on YTV ten

[Source: DC Shinee Gallery]

– subbed

[Subs in parts]

(Introducing SHINee as a K-pop group who made the best debut sales record)

SHINee is a group like Korea’s SMAP or Arashi.

Minho with modelling experience, Taemin whose specialty is dancing, Leader Onew, Jonghyun with overwhelming singing skills, and multi-talented Key

MC: “Young, everyone is so young”

MC: “You made a new record as a Korean debuting group”

All: “Yay~” “Thank you~”

MC: Taemin, was it anticipated?

Taemin: We’re surprised to see the outcome better than we thought. It made us think we should work harder. We’ll do our best always, so keep watching us.

After debuting in Korea in 2008, they swept new artist awards and grew to be top idols. In June this year, they performed live in the Abbey Road Studios, the sacred site of Beatles, for the first time as Asian artists. The next thing noticeable is their venture into the world stages. The first step is Japan.

MC: Key, how did you feel when you were so well received?

Key: I felt the power of thanks from fans. I was very happy.

MC: How are Japanese fans?

Jonghyun: They are cute and girly.

Taemin: I think their stage manners are good.

Let’s look at their performance skills that captivate fans. Dance performance, singing capability.

MC: What do you want to show?

Key: Everything, SHINee-like music, dance, and fashion

MC: Minho, what is most SHINee-like?

Minho: Hard to describe in words, but what fans feel when five of us performed as one, “Ah, that is SHINee-like”

MC: Taemin, what do you think SHINee’s strong point? The best weapon?

(Minho whispering to Taemin and then Jonghyun whispering something)

Taemin: It’s me 😀

All: hahaha

MC: They are young and in a very good relationship.

Key: This is how we play everyday.

Not only their dance and performance on stage, but also their good relationship may be what is so attractive about them.

All the members are living together in Korea and practicing hard. Their debut song in Japan is of course in Japanese, so they are studying Japanese very hard.

MC: Who is studying Japanese hardest?

Key: We are all studying together through dramas.

MC: Do you have your favorite Japanese singer or song?

Jonghyun: Hiraiken san. I like his lyrics.

MC: Which part do you like?

Jonghyun: I do love you.

MC: Would you sing it for us?

(Jonghyun singing)

Key: It’s so so.

Jonghyun: Thank you so much~ Thank you~

They will release their 2nd single on August 29th. Will they be able to spread more light true to their group name?

MC: It’s a big challenge to debut in Japan. What is a challenge to SHINee?

Onew: SHINee show SHINee’s own color, so everything we show, like music, dance, and fashion, is a challenge to us. We’ll try to show good performances.

Taemin: I’ve got a personal goal. It’s my dream to do a solo concert in Tokyo Dome.

Onew: We want to do a tour of arenas.

MC: They have youth and freshness, and xx san commented, “They sing well~”

xx: Wonderful. Very fresh and new… Who in the K-pop will last to the end?

MC: That’s something to watch. I took a photo with them. This might become something of great value!

[Korean Trans Cr to taemin-aa.tistory.com | Eng Trans by jujugal]


16 thoughts on “[TV] SHINee on YTV ten

  1. awwwwww they are all sooooooooo cute!!
    waaaaa Juju! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, even tough you are still on hiatus (or not anymore?) *W*!
    anyway THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! =DDDD~!


    Onew, why are you so quiet? i miss “onew condition”, hahahahahaha

  3. Taemin: I’ve got a personal goal. It’s my dream to do a solo concert in Tokyo Dome.

    Onew: We want to do a tour of arenas.

    now Taemin made an awesome speech!! Tokyo dome neh~ ^^ Arena tour was cool too.. please do your best SHINee ah~ ^^ wish to see you on music station super live this year XD

  4. Thank you for translating!! Now I know what are they talking about.. Kkk~ ^^;;;
    Taemin so cute.. XDD

  5. Hah! I haven’t actually watched this yet, but Key’s “so so”, if I’m interpreting that correctly, cracks me up. Way harsh, Key! Although can I just say how much I love that he never tries to take credit for being the linguistic genius that he is – he always emphasises that they’re ALL trying really hard to learn the language. When it’s so obvious he’s leaps and bounds ahead of the others, I think it’s adorable and admirable that he doesn’t let himself be singled out but keeps bringing it back to the whole group.

    • Replying to myself, tragic, I know. I just watched it and Key, you horrible little child you! I love how Jonghyun and he are just mocking each other in their own little bitchy world while the others just smile and look vaguely embarrassed on their behalf!

      • So agree, and somehow I’m lovin japan more because since debuting, japan brings out the best of key. He seems more relax and happy in japan than when he’s in korea. Thus brings out the best of key we’ve know that rarely shown while in korea. I haven’t felt those insecurities that usually emitted from key at times. And no matter how bitchy he is, I can’t help but notice how more graceful he becomes by the way he talks and moves

  6. There are no Korean idols that can compare to Arashi, honestly, and SMAP are just at a whole different level.

    • haha, I was afraid about what some Arashi or SMAP fans would think when I saw the comparison. Let’s say, it’s what SHINee hope to become in the future.

  7. Thank you so much for a subbed version of this! I had faith you would provide 😉 I really REALLY wanted to see a subbed version of this. So many moments I can’t even! asdfgbnmasdfghjkl

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