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SHINee’s Comeback – Full-force Spurt

at the Chris 2009-06-07

* Taemin’s singing voice, revealed for the first time in the regular album, is not quite bad. Even so, it does not mean that his position in the team is now clear. Because he’s still at puberty. Now I think Taemin’s vocal might have been verified within SM much more than what has been exposed to us. Probably they haven’t exposed it simply because it is not stable yet.

* It could be a hint that they gave almost no role to him in the first (mini) album.

* We didn’t have to wait that long to see Taemin’s role come to the surface. One of the reasons I have waited for this member to play his own role is that (the team) needed him.

* If there were a problem (?) in SHINee’s team vocal, it would be that Jonghyun’s is too strong and too good. He doesn’t even sound like a new singer. Moreover he does Michael Jackson style R&B with quite a strong accent, so (his vocal) sticks out rather than embraces other members’. In view of voice color, Onew should form two tops with Jonghyun and balance it out, but their voice colors are completely in opposite ends.

* I haven’t had a chance to talk about Onew, but he owns a really good – in fact very rare voice color in Korea. I made a brief mention about this before, but his style is a standard pop ballad like Pat Boone. It’s quite amazing. SM is a company really proficient in such a thing.

* Pat Boone style and Michael Jackson style vocals forming one team, does this make sense? Well, it could. But in their early (until their last album) period, Onew had difficulty in doing rhythmical parts. It’s not because he’s not good, but it’s just the way things are. Like Pat Boone would have difficulty in singing Michael Jackson’s song. It would be amazing if he could do it well. However, SM is the world’s number one in that kind of training. So I had no doubt Onew would improve. Even so, the gap between Onew’s and Jonghyun’s syle is quite wide. Key stands far away from both, and they needed a member to be in-between. Taemin was the right person in his voice color. His voice has a R&B feel with an accent like Jonghyun but at the same time is more neutralized. So the whole vocal structure of SHINee depended on what role Taemin would do.

* Signs of Taemin’s vocal were quite good. First of all, it looked like he would digest (songs) quite wonderfully in sensuous ways. It was short, but he seemed to digest the nuance and style of R&B quite smoothly. He just lacked power. But this can be quite dangerous. If you lack power and sound – everything is useless. However, Taemin’s voice on Juliette performances shows power that turned a point. That much of basic power is enough. Now what he should do is to push further. That boy who works so doggedly will sure make it when it is the matter of a “part to be filled with effort”.

* Supposing Taemin starts filling his part to the full, it might be the right answer that he becomes SHINee’s main vocal. Then Jonghyun and Onew could express their own unique individualities much more freely. Then it could result in quite an interesting real picture.

*Just as was expected, Onew’s skill in adding beat onto rhythmical groove has become much more solid than in their last album, hasn’t it?

* Key is also very interesting. His sense is ‘Hip Hop’ style. To make a Hip Hop feel in the team with a relatively authentic R& B color. But to be so, Key needs to be stronger, but he hasn’t met the need. He should have caught up with Jonghyun’s R&B vocal at every moment, but he couldn’t do so as Jonghyun is so strong. However, he’s become more powerful this time. He has this smooth general flow and a very refined style hidden, so I look forward to the color sense he will contribute to the team in the future.

* Minho and Key’s rap has become much more flowing than before. But their rap tone does not match the vocalists’ tone. It looks like it will take more time. SM is not strong at rap. However, because they don’t follow the typical style of rap genre, it could sound more comfortable to those “music fans who prefer the vocal”. And once in a while there comes a very unique rapping. Like Micky Yoochun’s rap these days. I expect Minho and Key to make their own unique rapping that fits with SHINee’s style.

* How amazing it is for them to come back in such a new look in only a few months. Even SM doesn’t have a “medicine that drills a voice,” so it must have been quite a spurt for each member. I’m envious while being proud of them. Now with a frame made, I hope they could do well in the process of building and completing the frame, which is not an easy thing to do. The joy of watching their live has just begun.

[piffania.com] Trans by jujugal

This is an old review made when SHINee came back with their first regular album in 2009. No review can be absolutely objective, and I didn’t translate this to shove it as such to your face. I just think this reviewer is making a very interesting point.

On YTV ten, the MC pointed out what’s so attractive about SHINee is their good relationship as well as their wonderful singing and dancing. We all agree with him, don’t we? Sadly, I see lots of divisive and hurtful comments about singing parts here and there these days. What’s happening with SHINee World? Our boys are in good harmony. While they are so mature, self-confident, and in harmony, we shawols are ashamedly so childish and bias-centered. Jonghyun once said, “There’s no particular position to each of SHINee. We can all sing, rap, and dance.” See what some of you are making your bias. You guys are actually lowering the one you think you love.

I think some of fans lose the perspective as a shawol when they are too much obsessed with their biases. When you only see things from what you think is the perspective of your bias, you may actually end up ruining his prospects. Members are not rivals that steal lines from each other. Let’s not forget they are working together as SHINee. They are mature enough to know what’s good for SHINee is good for each of them. They are out to make the world stage their own together as one. I used to be proud of SHINee World. These days, my sha-pride has been hurt badly.


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  1. I totally fully agree with your opinion. Sometimes I have the feeling some fans love SHINee for some members and do not care or even dislike the others, hence they have bad comments towards them. That hurts me quite bad 😦 Singing less or more, the member is still a part of SHINee and you don’t love SHINee because of the members’ positions do you?
    I remember someone even said “Lucky for Jonghyun he still has some lines” and i almost cried even I’m not Taemin and Jonghyun-biased. Seriously what are they thinking? :”(

  2. omg i totally agree with the review. i also agree with your comment on the issue. i’ve been getting upset lately when shawols start questioning why taemin is taking over jonghyun’s lines in their japanese promotions. they always focus on their bias and not what is good for SHINee as a whole group. gah shawols need to change =.=

  3. I completely agree with this, I hate when fans say something like ‘he’s stealing his lines’ I mean does that even make sense? I feel like their music is becoming more mature and their voices are smoother and more attuned with each other. As for shawol saying taemin is stealing all of jonghyun’s lines…um what? Jonghyun still has a lot of lines and taemin has passed puberty and is actually able to fully use his vocals, it sounds good, and makes the songs better, so why not?

  4. This is a spot-on analysis on their vocals. It’s just sad that we shawols are “fighting among ourselves” recently. There are so many Jjong bashings these days and it’s sad for a Blinger like me to read/hear some of it from fellow Shawols. SHINee will always be a fivesome no matter what and each member is important. We entrust SHINee in SM’s capable hands, don’t we?

      • still…i do not trust SM….they r good….but in some way….they cannot be trusted….

      • SM is a company doing music business. Let’s take it as it is. Not more or less than that. It’s not a non-profit organization. That’s reality we should accept to live in the world. There are lots of companies that handle business poorly and mess up. I hope SM will do business efficiently. That’s good for our boys. As you can see, I try to stay cool-minded about this business thing 😉

      • i’ve heard that SM do some change here n there….idk if it’ll become good or worst…just hoping that our boys still have some rest from their killer schedule….we dont want to see them sick,fainting or something bad happen….right???that’s all i asked for….hope SM didnt slaved them too much…peace!!……^^

  5. I like that new word! “sha-pride.” i want to make sure all of our sha-pride goes up by supporting SHINee as a whole, even if we do have biases 🙂

  6. Imho opinion, it doesnt matter who sings more n who sings less. But, the thing is, Taemin is bound to meet comparisons with the original ones. Some people might prefer the old one, and some for the new one. Both of them have different voice colours, which tell different stories. Its all depend on their technique to manipulate the listeners. And, I believe that the whole criticisms not only from blingers but others too. Taemin is a hardworking boy, give him more times and he will make greater progression. I hope the whole SHINee and SHAWOLS will keep improving more and more not only through compliments, but also criticisms! GO SHAWOLS!! ^_^

  7. I think the review did show a very interesting point for the individuality of SHINee’s vocals and for the unity of SHINee’s vocals.
    I also agree about Juju’s comment and what the rest had said. I don’t want to say that we should dictate other Shawols on their behavior, or what they should say, but before things get worse, I think its time to nudge a fellow Shawol, and enlighten them~^^
    It’s not just about the Jonghyun-Taemin case. It’s about each and every member of SHINee. The fandom is not called “SHINee World” for no reason. Of course, it’s okay to have that one bias you’re crazy about, but let’s not step and crush other members for that one member to shine. Instead, let’s care and support each member of SHINee, and that is when SHINee will truly shine.

  8. i’m totally agree . i think why dbsk can be number one is because all member have the same voice and dance ability . no doubt junsu is the main vocal , but in japanese song i think jaejong have the most line . maybe because his voice the most suitable to japanese song . and when i hear kiss kiss kiss , i think taemin voice make that song so japanese . this is the good sign that our boys so improve in their vocals . so why we’re not happy . i hate when shawols fighting about something childish like this . i wanna shinee be the number 1 group and shawol be the number 1 fandom . so lets make it together .
    #sorry for my bad english

  9. Hi juju, want to welcome you back. Glad you are okay 🙂

    I agree with you. And it’s not just these recent “taemin stole jjong’s line (so stupid ide…)” but I feel that over the last year or so, this whole member vs. member thing started and just got uglier and uglier…..”Jjong doesn’t deserve to be lead vocals, onew does” “Minho is useless, Key raps better” “Taemin sings better than Key” “Taemin is stealing jjong’s line again!” ……………..I don’t know what happened to the fandom I got into a few years back….why is it like this? Yea, I have a bias, but I was a shawol before anything else. That will never change. Unfortunately, there’s a huge hole in SHINee World right now….everyone just wants their bias to be #1. What happened to supporting SHINee as a whole?

    • I was not only thinking about the recent “taemin and jjong parts” debate. It’s so sad to see this division getting worse as the fandom is expanding and at the crucial moment for our boys to grow as artists and stars.

      • u know something….this division thing makes me scare……i’ve already got trauma with DBSK separated fandom as 2…i dont want this happen to my SHINee World….goshh

  10. hhmm, so agree with the review and your comment juju.
    people are saying “Taemin got too much spotlight and steal many lines from other members”, but all i see is all of them got enough and quite fair spotlight and lines.
    no one steal or got too much.
    tbh, i’m kinda disappointed with a “few” shawols lately. 😦
    honestly, the more i know them, the more i don’t even know who my biases is.
    i love all of them, okay? they make it so difficult for me to choose bias :3

  11. I fully agree on the issue about how Blingers are hurt over TaeMinnie taking over some of JongHyun’s lines, as in fact, I am one of them. I understand the whole idea that SHINee is a TEAM, that they work together to perfect the song, the job that is given to them. As members, as friends, they don’t steal lines from each other, that they are mature enough to handle ‘sharing’ to benefit the group as a whole.

    But even so, I’m someone who doesn’t understand music enough as to analyze their vocal colors, to analyze the musical elements of the song, etc–like the poster said, maybe I’m immersing myself too deep into my bias for JongHyun, but it’s not like I don’t understand either. I understand the overall effect; I understand that Shawol as a whole must stand strong together, but there are just feelings you cannot suppress.

    I’ve tried telling myself to grow up, to become more mature, but the slightly bitter and…replaced feeling just doesn’t go away like that. Think about it–what used to be your biases is taken away from him, the line you used to look forward to listening to is now sung by a different member. It’s not the same, even if it’s beneficial as a group.

    What I’m trying to establish here is that, I wish that SHINee Worlds who aren’t affected by this issue wouldn’t be so harsh on the fans who cannot get over it. Sometimes, they do understand and do agree, but often of times, your mind doesn’t cooperate with your feelings. Does it not?

    I’m sure that over time, given that SM gives JongHyun his fair share of lines and screentime once they return to Korea, everything will be fine again. Usually, I try to keep these feelings to myself because it makes my bias, JongHyun, look bad, but occasionally, I can’t help but let these biased, selfish thoughts out. Yes, I need to grow up. Yes, I wish I was more mature. Yes, I completely agree with the fact that SHINee World should stay together and it absolutely tears me apart that I feel this way, but I can’t control the way my heart feels as of right now.


    • I also have my own bias, so you don’t have to make an excuse about your feelings because I can understand it too well. Yes, I have also experienced how my feelings can become very bias-centric if I only look at the photos and fancams of my bias and see things from the perspective of my bias. I had a wake-up moment to see what’s going on in my mind. I appreciate that you give your honest thoughts here and reveal your inside conflicting feelings. Still the part “given that SM gives JongHyun his fair share of lines and screentime” chills me. Our desire for more “fair” share will never be filled to our satisfaction. And what is fair to us will look unfair to others.

      • Yeah, I really want one of those wake-up moments now because I feel like I really need it. And I do agree that “fair” will never be satisfying to us. I’ll just stop making excuses then as of now, I just simply disqualify as a true SHINee World. Thank you for your reply though.

      • In my early days when I started liking Taemin, I surfed Korean portal sites looking for this and that. I came across some member fans’ posts which shocked me so much. They were completely bias-centered. Definitely not shawols. Even very hateful because they were thinking their bias was not getting as many chances as he deserved because of other members. Those posts are still engraved in my mind, and whenever I see their bias, I get reminded of them. When I see some anti-like posts that make fun of some members on portal sites, I suspect they might be made not by antis, but by other member fans. Too bad! and sad! I can’t appreciate the member fully because of those fans! Anyway, don’t stay only in those member fansites. Go out often to sites for all SHINee members with cool-minded fans. It has helped me stay in the perspective as a shawol.

  12. “Our boys are in good harmony. While they are so mature, self-confident, and in harmony, we shawols are ashamedly so childish and bias-centered”

    It’s interesting (in a bad way) how some fan can supposedly like a band but then their their behavior and/or thought go directly against spirit of said band. If Shinee themselves were to act as disharmonious as a lot of Shawol are now they wouldn’t exist. It’s this silly bias-centric mindset why ppl accuse Taemin of stealing lines/spotlight & say Minho is useless or even criticize Jjong as an attention hoar.Rather then one person getting more lines then another things have actually become more even (not taking into consideration Minho’s part in their Jp remakes so far)

    As far as the actual review goes it’s is pretty interesting. Unlike the reviewer tho I’ve never had a problem w/ the blend of Jjong & Onew’s voice & I think they complement each other well despite how different their voices are, Tae’s voice is a pleasant in between tho….

    • I feel you. The contrast of Jonghyun’s powerful voice and Onew’s mellow voice made SHINee’s music different from others. Despite the contrast, they harmonize really well.

  13. Interesting review… and it’s quite consistent with other vocal reviews on SHINee that I have read.

    What’s good about SHINee (for me)?
    1. Their vocals truly compliment each other & ballads like Romantic, Quasimodo & Life showcase that.
    2. Continuous vocal improvement: The review was done during the Juliette era – only their 2nd mini-album – but the growth was already obvious. It will be interesting to see what he/she thinks now. If you are the type to buy/listen to SHINee’s full albums and not just the title songs, you will see that the boys improve every single album and that the lines get more evenly distributed each time.
    3. Their musical style is non-conformist: I like that they take risks and experiment a lot. It does not always a guarantee success but does give them a wider audience and sustainability in the long run. It’s better to not be boxed in 1 genre.

    Re the FANDOM:
    What’s happened to us? There’s more of us and yet we’re getting fragmented. I have a lot to say but I will reserve it and just say it isn’t as fun as before. It’s true for Kpop in general too. I got into kpop because of the Wonder Girl’s “So Hot” – cheeky, fun, different from American & Brit pop. Now it’s all about blind adulation for idols/biases(not the music), looks, idol comparisons (mine is better than yours), etc I am a bit tired of it all.

    To end this LOOONNNNGGGGG comment:
    1. The Pat Boone comparison makes me cry…because that’s exactly how I see Onew’s voice. I know he’s more than a ballad singer. But that unique voice esp his timbre and sincerity in delivery just gets me every time.
    2. Onew & Jjong already mentioned during Lucifer that the idea of a lead vocal has blurred in SHINee. Whoever’s voice fits the part gets the line. Plus Taemin hardly got lines before. He’s better now so doesn’t he deserve to get some lines now? I don’t understand the fuss.

    • Onew and Jjong, and the other members are so mature and cool-minded. They will laugh at the idea of competing with other groups, not to mention with each other. I believe none of them wants to insist on being a lead something while trying to be confident and responsible for what they do. We need to raise our level up to them.

  14. My first time commenting here… even though I’ve lurked this site a bit XD

    It’s interesting seeing this review on their voices. I always thought SHINee had good harmony even though their voices are so distinct. I thought the reviewer was spot on about Jonghyun’s voice being so strong. But at the same time I think that he blends well with the others. Even lending strength to Taemin’s voice, when it wasn’t that strong in the beginning. Onew’s voice is like warm chocolate to my ears and I 110% agree with Key’s ‘hip hop’ type voice, I think he has the right swag for rapping. I wish the reviewer would have spoken about Minho’s voice though….

    Anyway, our boys are improving, Taemin especially. I hadn’t realize that he was the midway point for Jonghyun’s and Onew’s voice. He’s doing so well and getting more parts, I’m so proud!

    I have to agree with what you said about some fans freaking out because their bias got more/less parts. SHINee is SHINee, it doesn’t matter who sings the line, they all make up and contribute to the group. I think that some fans are shocked because the usual lineup has changed… it’s still no excuse though… it’s sad, but I’m sure that it’ll change as time goes on. When some people are first introduced to change it’s jarring and many don’t accept it, but they’ll come around I’m sure of it!

  15. Thank you very much for such an exactly review and comment on Shinee’s vocals. I totally agree with you.
    Actually I first love Shinee because of Jjong’s vocal. But as much as i listen to other songs of Shinee, I love other Shinee members’ voices too. They are unique, beautiful but in harmony in a miracle way. I never have a though that who has more lines than who, because I love how they all together sing the song. Jjong himself can not make a song becomes Shinee song because it needs other voices.

    And I have to admit that Taemin have a balance key between Onew and Jjong. You can hear even from the first single – Replay, Taemin voice is the main in the chorus. He is doing better now with more powerful in singing that’s why he got more lines, and “then Jonghyun and Onew could express their own unique individualities much more freely”.

    As I remember, in a radio show, they were asked whether there is part of other members they want to sing instead of. They all said that they was satisfied with their parts and it suited them.
    So why some Shawols, who may be not as professional as some musician and Shinee members, make fuss about singing parts.We should be grateful that they make their song wonderfully, so we can listen to.

    Once again, thank you Juju for sharing our Shinee treasure (news, vids, pics,…). Pls keep spreading Shinee power. I believe one day some not-very-well-thinking Shawols will be more mature and thoughtful like you. ^^

  16. i think SHINee improving lately….everyone in SHINee make progress even Minho singing ability….n they all in good harmony…..i’m onew’s fan….he’s my ultimate actually but i love SHINee for their singing blend very well in harmony so it’s not fair to judge one is better than the other…..group singer is suppose to be good as one…not only one….just saying….^^

  17. I admit, I’m just a little worried that Jonghyun’s going to be relegated primarily to the screamingly high bits and all the adlibs. Which I love, but he already gets a ton of hate from people who say all he can do is shriek and it has clearly taken a toll on his voice. I feel like SM abuses his ability to reach those upper ranges to the detriment of his vocal health. Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the seemingly few people who actually loved him in Hot Times and his epic moment in Quasimodo is probably my favourite part of any SHINee song, but I don’t want him to just be trotted out to do the bits no-one else can reach. Hopefully they can find a way to distribute lines fairly without doing this.

    And as much as I love Taemin’s voice, in my own completely subjective, personal opinion, I don’t think the lines they’re giving him showcase it effectively. And I think them choosing to redistribute specifically the opening lines of Replay and Juliette has much more to do with selling him as the face of SHINee in Japan because of his popularity and less to do with an appreciation for his vastly improved vocals. And I don’t think that’s fair on him either, especially because he clearly isn’t yet as confident as Jonghyun/Onew, so having him start off the song, also knowing that people inevitably compare these things, is putting a lot of pressure on him. I think that showed in the VMAJ performance (again, personal opinion). I’m 100% behind giving him more lines to reflect how much progress he’s made, but for the right reasons, not just as a marketing technique. But maybe I’m just cynical!

    Anyway, long story short: yes, I have concerns, but I completely agree about the infighting – I’m so so sick of fans who are incapable of complimenting their bias without denigrating another member (I’m thinking particularly of the Onew>Jonghyun squabbling which I see so often in a certain kpop community!). It’s pointless, because these things are always going to be subjective. It’s also pretty offensive to all 5 boys themselves – I’m sure they wouldn’t want the praise of folk who can only give it by insulting another member. People just need to grow up.

    • I agree with you so much about jonghyun. I’m so annoyed that SM only gives him all those impossibly hard to reach parts. Sometimes I feel like all those adlibs are kind of unnecessary and it’s just damaging his vocals. Jonghyun has a great lower range but he rarely gets to sing in it and it annoys me when people say he can only “scream”, because he can do so much more.

      • When he used his lower range, which i bet even some shawols didnt recognize him. The biggest surprise probably the duet song with Li Yin. It doesnt sound like him at all, with his current range in any SHINee songs…This is the main reason i’m in full support behind Taemin and Minho improvement. SHINee need to groom more stellar vocalists.

      • Have you heard his cover of One Million Roses from Immortal Song 2? Because when I first heard that, especially the lower register parts, I was just turned into an incoherent spluttering pile of fangirly goo, it was embarrassing!

    • Thanks for your opinion. I appreciate it very much. And it makes a sensible point. But I believe the members support even the marketing strategy if that’s what works in the Japanese market. SM probably came up with that strategy through their market research and analysis. My impression of SM is they try to be very efficient using all the newest techniques and processes even though their reputation among fans is not quite good. I mean they won’t make decisions based on feelings or emotion. They are not debuting SHINee only for those existing fans, but to expand the fandom and attract the public. So let’s see how well this will work.

      Those who compare must be fans who have heard the old song. But how about those who listen to the song for the first time? How best to grab the attention of the public when they see SHINee perform the Japanese version of Replay on TV while shuffling channels? Anyway, hope it works, so SHINee can get more power. Then, they won’t have to sing a cut version and can try diverse concepts in Japan.

      • I’m not contesting SM’s marketing skills, god forbid! I am fully aware that maximising profit is their prime (and some would say, unfortunately, sole) concern. I’m just saying, in my opinion, in their efforts to sell Taemin as the face, they’ve put what’s musically more effective on the backburner. I’m not disputing it as a logical tactic from a commercial perspective, just stating the way I see it. Of course, it’s not like I think either song has gone from hit to miss but, and again, this is just my opinion, I think having Jonghyun’s very distinctive, very strong voice opening those two tracks, especially Juliette, works better from a musical perspective and is more likely to make someone sit up and take notice, especially in live performances. I’m not saying one or the other would lose or gain more fans, I’m just talking about it purely in terms of music and different voices being suited to different lines. Basically, I’m all for more Taemin but I would’ve chosen different lines to give him if I was motivated primarily by a desire to showcase his improved vocals. But of course I completely understand that SM has different motivations! That’s just the age old clash between business and art – the members themselves have spoken about it, about the tension between their desire to sing what they consider good music and producing “hits”. I just think people need to be realistic and acknowledge that SM’s decision is, as you said, based on gaining fans and making sales and not a burning desire to see Taemin vindicated! Not that he doesn’t deserve it, mind.

        I don’t know enough about the situation ‘on the ground’ to debate whether or not having Taemin stand in the middle and open the song HAS made a significant difference. I’d like to think they’d still be as popular if they’d kept the original formation/line distribution, because they deserve it, and because it’s kind of sad to think that a pretty face makes that much difference. Basically, I want them to do phenomenonally well in Japan, but not at the expense of their music. I think so far SHINee has succeeded more than most groups in treading the line between hits and genuinely diverse, good music – the Lucifer album is the pinnacle of that progress – and I just don’t want that to be sacrificed now for the sake of a quick profit.

        Anyway, I don’t really know anymore if we’re agreeing or disagreeing, but I’d just like to say it’s nice to be able to have a constructive, respectful conversation about these things – doesn’t happen enough, so thanks!

      • Sorry to add even more rambling onto my already plenty rambling reply, but just two further things:

        I know it’s only pure conjecture on my part and also still a rather touchy subject, but I think it’s relevant to my earlier replies, so here goes…let’s just say that I would be thoroughly UNsurprised if any cosmetic procedures which may or may not have taken place were decided upon by SM rather than the individual as part of their aforementioned marketing strategy. I really hope I’m thoroughly misguided and flat-out wrong on all counts, because the idea alone makes me wrathful, but that’s another argument for another day!

        Finally, I feel bad for implying Jonghyun isn’t pretty! So for the sake of clarification, I think he’s fricking stunning. Just different aesthetics, is all.

        Thanks again for the informed debate!

  18. I agree juju. I think all those “__ is better than __” happens when people are fans of certain members rather than the whole group. My biases are jjong and taemin but I like shinee first and foremost and I’ve never viewed it as a competition between the members and I really don’t think they view it as that either.

  19. agree..and I just somehow hope that shawols can understand -not including minho rap-,hope they know that’s the process and that’s how japan program do they promotion..i think shinee itself already know it and I really appreciate shinee mature and cool mind, I should grow up my mind with them..

  20. I think i have encountered this type of situation too. many shawols got so upset Taemin in the centre and stole Jonghyun’s lines. as a blinger, i never think Taemin stole the spotlight from Jonghyun. I think its good for the whole group. i would rather think, people love SHINee because they all can sing. i heard enough, anti said the only members can sing in SHINee are Jonghyun and Onew.
    Taemin grown and he’s improved, Jonghyun would be so proud of Taemin right now. Not to forget, Onew & Jonghyun are the one that help Taemin to improve his vocal. It’s not a competition within a group, but they think as a group to become better. I dont know its appopriate or not, but i do feel dissapointed with shawols nowadays. shawols need to stay one, not for their biases only. i agree people has bias, but jealousy within group, its just not right.

    this is for some shawols : if you hate certain members, dont have to mention it to the world and make us other shawols look bad. or dont even bother to live in this fandom. i know i sound rude here, but i’ve keep this feeling for too long and i think, sometimes its good to make them realize.

    in my personal opinion, Jjong and Onew voices are so different but they sound so great together. i mean, the duet Please dont go, proved it. it sounds awesome! Honestly, im worried about Jjong. he will soon lost his voice if this continues. I do love his voice to the max, but i hope he thinks about his health more. 😉

  21. Well I have a bias too and I understand how a fan of a certain member would feel if he got “unfair” treatment. But all this fight what is going on among MVPs, Blingers, Lockets, Flames or TaeMints just makes people forget that they are Shawol-at the first line. And it makes surely no sense. As Shawols we all know how close the members are, like, who doesn’t know how much the elder care for TaeMin or how Onew always has an eye on others… Well yes, maybe JongHyun wouldn’t be the biggest fan of the idea to let TaeMin gets more lines, but he surely understands how hard TaeMin has worked on it, he knows better than anyone that TaeMin deserves it. And who said TaeMin would feel just fine with all this. I don’t know much about korean culture but I know TaeMin, he would feel sorry ‘coz he thought maybe it made his hyung sad. Isn’t it already a punishment for him? I mean if you got received to a position that your best friend always wanted, wouldn’t you fell sorry. It’s humanistic. Saying all these just as an example, concluding: there’s no competition among SHINee members, it’s just their fans who overdo this and think that they are protecting their idol’s rights which is fully false.

    As of the review, i totally agree with it.

  22. i can’t agree more than this juju…you are right..biases sometimes only brings them down..whenever someone ask me, “who is your bias?” i would always says “i love each and everyone of them equally”..it’s true…everyone one of them has something that makes them different from one another..combined together, they become the SHINee that we all love..what’s the point of having each and everyone of them owning an explosive vocal but somehow can’t work it out together harmoniously? Their area of strength and weakness are their main power..they acknowledge it and work with it,together with a positive attitude..and for that, i would always be a SHAWOL..for the 5 of them..

  23. fucking amazing review, Juju, how in the world do you find these things.. 😀 most interesting thing i’ve read all day..

  24. If I were to pinpoint the very thing that made me love SHINee, it’s their love, concern, and respect for each and every member of their group. I’m an MVP, then I also became a Blinger, then a Locket, then a Taemint, then a Flamer. That’s when I fully appreciate that I am really a Shawol, truly a fan of SHINee.

    When Jjong was recovering from his injury, Taemin and Onew took his place temporarily, and I have to admit, though they did their best, they can never replace Jjong. Of course this is because we are used to Jjong’s voice on certain lines that OnTae were trying to cover, and we tend to always compare them. But we can’t, and we shouldn’t. They have different voice colors, as mentioned above. Also, they are different people; they have different talents, different fields they excel in, different personalities, and different charms.

    As for SHINee’s japanese debut, I, too, was a bit disappointed at first when I heard Taemin’s doing Jjong’s lines, but then I still love the song, and I love it that SM or EMI gave Taem a break for this. He really improved over the years since their debut.

    Some says it’s a little off and awkward as Jjong is their lead singer and he should be treated like one. Then I’ve read somewhere that in Japan, Taemin is the most popular in the group, so SM made him the “center” of the group so that they’ll get higher sales and support from Japanese fans. I do not like this idea, at all. Not really good as it is, but that’s showbiz. Sometimes (well, most of the time), that’s how it works. But why would it be a big deal? I mean, it’s still SHINee who is singing. 😀

    I strongly agree with the review above and with jujugal. Why don’t we just trust our boys and continue to support them? We shouldn’t be comparing them to one another. Come on fellow Shawols, it’s time to get our heads clear. Remember, SHINee will not be that shiny without each member.

  25. I read most of the comments. In my opinion I think we SHAWOL should support SHINee as the whole not biases. They’re a team and we should support no matter what.
    I love all of the member and they all talented.
    We SHAWOL should learn from DBSK. We do not want SHINee to end up like DBSK.
    That would be too sad. Please don’t let history repeat itself. That is scary!!!

    Sorry this is my opinion only…

  26. Pingback: Old review of SHINee’s vocal « sunshineeonew

  27. Ok, I don’t know that much about singing thing, but I know a lot about SHINee… They are all really close so they wouldn’t act like idiots to each other just cuz of some lines… Second, Onew and Jjong are those who helped Taemin to improve his singing! Taemin was so young when they debuted and his voice was changing so he couldn’t sing very much… Now, he is much more better, so he deserves a chance… It doesn’t really matter why he god more lines, just for publicity or whatever, cuz he sings which makes me happy and makes HIM happy… Once, he cried cuz he couldn’t sing… So I am really proud of him cuz he got chance to sing now! And whatever those “Shawols” say, about Taemin is stealing Jjond’s lines… How can you look at yourself? He tried so hard to improve his singing ability! And Jjong, who I love very much, to be honest, sang most parts on their albums and Taemin always got a few lines… a few F***ing lines… And now, he gets two more lines and everyone start to say that he is stealing them! WTH?! He deserves it, cuz he didn’t sing much in the past, and now he is better so he needs to sing MORE! Be ashamed of yourselves fake Shawols… :S I can’t understand those ppl :S Be a real Shawol and support them all!

  28. Pingback: Twitted by Litha5134

  29. I couldn’t find a reply button to the specific comment, but thanks(: I should definitely do that then~ The last thing I want is to be is a disgrace to the fandom. I thought about it more and decided to rewatch some of SHINee`s older stuff and I came across this fancam.

    – I imagine that’s how JongHyun and Onew must feel about TaeMin singing nowadays and in a way, that makes me feel a lot better(:

    • Thanks for your willingness to share your thoughts here again. And thanks for the fancam too. I think Jjong and Onew are so confident in themselves they don’t be shaken by what others say. We should be careful not to be pulled down to the level of antis when we respond to their hateful comments. What’s scary about those antis, they make us slave to their comments when we see and react to things as influenced by those comments. Jjong knows and enjoys what he wants to do without minding what others say (well, he will listen to good advice). I admire him for that. Even when shawols are swayed here and there by unreasonable rumors and outcries, I feel relieved knowing our boys will stay confident and in harmony. They have this rare “healthy mindset” when there are so many people emotionally and mentally needy, even some idols, these days.

      • No, Thank YOU. LOL. I really needed to talk to a cool-minded Shawol and my conversation with you really helped. You’re right, haha, Jjong does seem to be like that(: He seems to be an individual who believes in his own thoughts and is confident to do what he wants. Anyways, thanks~

  30. …..okay, I’ve read all of the reviews up there. First of all, I’m sorry for my bad english.

    Honestly, I’m onew biased. Only God knows how I love him. Let’s talk about Replay now. Replay japan version and korean version. If someone want to talk about ‘stealing lines’ I’m the one who have to talk about it here.

    I’m not blind in music. Every each member in my family could play music or sing. So I understand about music very well.

    Everyone talk about ‘wonderful voice’, for me, it isn’t. Taemin didn’t have a great voice yet, it’s still standard. His voice is so weak that if I push him, his voice will creak. Maybe it’s because his puberty. But what I want to tell you here (especially blingers) is you have to calm down. Jonghyun still have much better voice.

    I love taemin, really, but it somehow make me twitch my eyes when people talk about taemin being so awesome and whatever, I’m afraid it will burdened him. Because in fact, onew and jonghyun voice is the one that awesome. No, theirs not awesome, but AWESOME.

    Maybe, just maybe, taemin have so much line in Juliette Japanese because it’s Japanese. Maybe Taemin has better accent or it’s voice color fits Japanese ear? Who knows.

    If taeminnie want taemin to beat jjong and mylovelydubu in vocal, they have to support taemin like crazy for a long time. Because voice colour like Onew and Jjong isn’t something you could get in one or two years.
    Taemin could dance like a shitshitshitsocooliloveit because he dance since he’s on his 3rd grade in primaryschool. But nobody talk about since when Onew and Jjong learn to sing, right? :3

    And what you have to remember is: They. Are. Family.
    I’m sure, when you guys bashing one member, your bias will angry towards you fo bashing his brother. Eg: taeminnie bash jjong, I’m sure taemin will angry towards people who bash his hyung. Because I’m sure Jjong put much effort in making taemin voice better. He must be giving much advice to his little brother.

    They are family, hurting one member means you hurt everyone.

    Last sentence:
    I LOVE KEY’S VOICE IN ONE!!!!! \m/

    • You are saying “let’s support all” and then bring back the “who’s better” logic. It will lead then to “Jonghyun’s better or Onew’s better” or “Key’s better or Taemin’s better” debate again. NOPE. Please, let’s stop. It’s not about whose voice is better and more awesome. It’s about different voice colors. Who can deny Jonghyun’s and Onew’s voice is awesome and great? In the pop world, though, what matters is not who has a better voice.

      • but i agree with luth though….he/she has the point….it’s not about who’s better…n u r right too…it’s about Voice color….it’s gift from GOD…..if u dont have voice like onew or Jjong….Voice like Taemin which is still flat right now but can be good too….with a lot of practicing ofc…..n he have 2 good teacher who teaching him….24/7…no other better than his hyungs…OnJjong……..just saying…..just stop debating to some nonsense problem….will u….goshhh….u guys just need to enjoy their work instead of anything else……

  31. Totally agree, for sure I love the vocal like this now. I love Jong Hyun’s vocal, but I love balance more than single, you get it right?

    After hearing replay (Jap. Version) I ask to my self, why don’t I hooked like this before (Kor. Version)? So I tried to listen once more, and yet, quite similar to you, found the voice blend better. I try to watch the previous version, and yes, noticed that Taemin got NO lines in Replay, he just dancing all along the song.

    It’s true, I think Jjong and Onew voice color distinct too much, and I think, yes, Taemin fit the role as the bridge beetwen them. And as the improvement in the group, I can’t wait for japanese Juliette!!

  32. i don’t know why. but i’m tearing now when i read this
    i also think like you. many SHAWOL like just her/him bias, not like all of SHINee
    I’m very sad about it, and i’m think about ‘why a shawol just like her/him bias?’
    if you SHINee World, don’t just like one of them. but love all of them, it’s a The Real of SHINee World/SHAWOL, right?
    if you SHAWOL, don’t ever compare them(SHINee),right?
    a SHAWOL should accept them for what they, right?
    huh, some SHAWOL just think about themselves and their bias. please don’t do it again. it made a controversy in SHAWOL
    Just it think this now._.

  33. i like ur review of shinee’s vocal the most..interesting esp that i dont know the technicalities of music.. what attracts me to shinee’s songs at first is that i thought they are not the typical kpop songs that so autotuned and their voices match so well, it creates a very good harmony..agree w/ onew and jjong’s voice being completely on the opposite side, and i really think that taemin’s voice plays the neutralizer.. key’s unique sound contributes to the good harmony as well..and w/ minho rapping, i like it best if it’s just like a background rapping, instead of the all out one.. i mean each of them has a unique voice color, but when all combined, it so refreshing, sounded as one (except for those songs that jjong/onew’s voice needs to be emphasized more)..

    and w/ shawols having biases, i myself has a bias too but when it comes to their music, i consider each of them as equally important as the others.. cant imagine if one voice is lost, no no.. that’s why i dont like to see them doing live sessions incomplete.. that’s just gonna affect the song really, sounds different compared to when they are five.. i hope shawols support shinee coz of their music first.. above all, they are artists!!

  34. I like that review n agree with it..
    And I also love n totally agree with what Jjong said
    ‘Jonghyun once said, “There’s no particular position to each of SHINee. We can all sing, rap, and dance.” ‘ –> This, already happened, since I saw Taemin’s rap in Juliette Japan version.. Even Minho whose known as SHINee’s rapper, sing in Hello n few other songs.. And I love it!!
    They all can sing and rap,. Dance? Oh, well, we’ve already seen it all the time,, Kekeke~
    Anyway they have their own voice character and it still improve everyday, not to forget their still teenager so their range vocal n voice character can be better than today…
    We as Shawol should be support them as SHINee, cz they’re shining the brightest when they are as 5,,
    That’s what makes them the shining SHINee, rite? 🙂

  35. Whenever I listen to SHINee World album then Misconception series, I always remember this review.
    I wonder what the reviewer thinks of Taemin now.
    His statement “Supposing Taemin starts filling his part to the full, it might be the right answer that he becomes SHINee’s main vocal”, I feel like this already came true. Is he a prophet? lol

  36. reading this review in 2013, it seems scarily prescient…
    I agree that I would love to know what the original post/reviewer thinks about each member’s vocals now!

  37. It’s 2014 and some fans still complain how Taemin “steals” the lines of his members, that he’s not deserving to be called vocalist, etc etc. It’s just sad how some fans can’t accept the more improved Taemin because they think he shouldn’t be better, that the roles when they debuted should stay the same.

    Whenever I read those hurtful comments from ‘Shawols’, I remember this review. Because I can’t help but ask, are they even fans of SHINee? How come they think Taemin steal lines? He had potentials to become a true vocalist, even the author of the review knew it from the very start. He did not get those lines all of a sudden, he earned it little by little.

    I just don’t understand why they have put down Taemin to praise their biases. I don’t understand why they have to play the victim cards for their biases and act like Taemin is the only one getting attention in SHINee.

    I’m sorry if I vented here. I just read several posts by some Shawols and it’s all against Taemin. I’m just sad and feel disappointed. Reading the review again somehow makes me feel better.

    Btw, I hope to see you make a comeback, Jujugal. I miss seeing your trans and insights.

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