[news] SHINee to Sing Drama “Strangers 6” Theme Song

Group SHINee will sing the theme song of Strangers 6, a drama made by joint production between Korea, China, and Japan according to a report by Sankei Sports on 3 August.

The decision was made by the drama production company’s recognition of SHINee at the end of last year. They are currently selecting the song.

Kawai Shinya, general producer, said he expects SHINee will increase the suspense of the drama through their singing capability and expressiveness.

Girl Group KARA will also sing a song to be inserted in the drama.

Strangers 6 is a blockbuster drama in which “Strangers 6”, six international agents, do a mission after receiving orders from their agencies in Korea, Japan, and China. Korean actors Oh Jiho and Han Chaeyoung have been cast, and the drama will be aired on MBC in the 2nd half of the year.

[jjangga@sportschosun.com | Korean Trans by jujugal]



13 thoughts on “[news] SHINee to Sing Drama “Strangers 6” Theme Song

  1. Awesome. It’s always good to hear SHINee was handpicked to do things. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear the song.

  2. all the OST that SHINee has sung are so good like Stand by me, Dream, Fly high, Haru, so I can’t wait to hear this song^^

  3. Excited bec 1)good exposure for the boys bec the drama will air on 10 network stations across Asia, 2) they’re singing the ending theme so it will be there every episode, 3) it’s a new Korean song.

    I got chills everytime Jonghyun’s song was played in City Hunter – haha! well, it was a good song. Allkpop says the drama track is only expected in Dec – not sure it’s true bec of the early announcement.

  4. Hi Juju, I think we Shawols need some cheerful news. Just saw that Juliette Limited Edition A pre-orders is now SOLD OUT! Would you care to broadcast in your blog: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=TOCT-40370:

    Ranking Aug 3: 1 – SHINee Limited Type A, 3 – SHINee Limited edition, 6 – SHINee Limited Type B. I think they have been #1 since release & mostly top 5 every day.

    Ranking real time: 1- SHINee Limited Type B, 2 – SHINee regular edition.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I hear that only a limited number of copies have been distributed to each store. It is being sold out not only at CD Japan, but also at other stores like hmv. When I clicked the link, it says there are only 23 copies left. Thanks for the info, though. I will post this later when it is set as SOLD OUT.

      • Ooops sorry. I must not have read quickly. anyway, now down to 3 at CD Japan & Limited edition A is back on top of the real-time ranking.

      • Limited edition A sold out on CD Japan yesterday around 4pm SG time. I think only Tower Records now have stock. I hope that means they are selling out a lot before actual release.

  5. ^ will it be korean song? I was ecpecting it will be in japanese cuz the japanese media releasing the news

    • I think they may release it in Korean and Japanese versions. The drama will be aired on MBC. It should be in Korean. A Korean drama won’t air a song in Japanese. It will stir an outcry from the public :/

  6. The people behind Strangers 6 probably knew about SHINee’s talent and international power. 😀

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