[photo]SHINee Back to Korea @ Kimpo Airport 110802

[Source: twitter; DC Shinee Gallery]

They look happy and in a good condition! Jjong, what r u doing? A puppy mode? ;P Onew back to a tennis boy look!

7 thoughts on “[photo]SHINee Back to Korea @ Kimpo Airport 110802

  1. what are they doing back in korea? i thought they were promoting in japan!
    key looks sick with that mask on his face. i hope he’s okay (:
    taembb looks so happy to be back home lol
    onew is back to his tennis look haha ^^

    • they have a performance in Aug 4th, and there is a rumour that Onew has a new variety show. So maybe they have no choice but comeback to Korea to fullfill their schedule. They are indeed our busy boys

      • Some people said, the said rumour about Onew in a new variety show was just made up by fans.

      • Oh, that’s actually a good news. I always hope our boys would have a real break, like a vacation. I feel jealous when i heard that SuJu or SNSD have a vacation here and there after a long and hard work. SHINee works hard too, they deserve a vacation. Maybe…. one day =.=

  2. Taemin is getting more sexy and handsome day by day.. Cute.. I like.. =)
    Minho with his cap as usual.. same for Mr. Tennis Onew..

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