[photo/fancam] SHINee Filming Music Japan 110801

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Credit to nana1214o


20 thoughts on “[photo/fancam] SHINee Filming Music Japan 110801

  1. Dubu&JJong looks great πŸ™‚
    btw was just wondering why they havent appeared in hey! hey! hey!? i’ve seen other kpop groups on that music show but not shinee so far.

    • Most of these other groups (except TVXQ and SNSD) debuted in Japan for months before they performed on HeyHeyHey e.g. Beast – March debut, Aug perf; 2PM debuted in Dec 2010 & released Take Off in Mar but performed on the show in the July special. It will probably take SHINee a couple more months before they appear in HeyHeyHey. The only exceptions are the more established groups in Japan – TVXQ, SNSD, Kara.

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  3. This could be an unpopular opinion but it needs to be said. But please Shawols, let’s not harass EMI and SM Japan to re-edit the MJ perf just so Minho’s rap can be included. They are newbies in JP – it is expected the songs will be cut short in performances. Plus the episode has not even been shown yet and the fandom is already raising a fuss on Twitter, tumbler, etc.. I think the last thing we want is to create a ‘reputation’ as a fandom in JP. The boys have not even been invited to all relevant music shows and this already happens. The last thing we want is for shows to not even bother inviting SHINee because their fans are rash. Or for future recordings to be closed to the public to prevent the same thing from happening.

    Yes I want to see them perform a full song on music shows someday… Even 2 songs on Music Station like SNSD. This will happen if we are patient and support the boys album by buying them, not by campaigning like this. I don’t know how Juliette did on the digital charts. But there is no news so they may not have topped the chart unlike last time (so much competition this time around). If you have not bought an album, please do so soon. They are doing okay on CD Japan but not sure of the others. It ilk be tough. TVXQ also released their album for pre order already.

    • I haven’t seen any of this commosion about Minho’s part yet, but I hope this won’t become a big issue. Just to put it out there, even established artists in Japan often get their songs cut and the second verse is always cut no matter who the artist is. For those who don’t now the Japanese music show formula, the performance is more of a teaser; “This is our new song, buy it you want to hear the full song!”. It’s unfortunate that Minho didn’t get to sing/rap any of his lines but what’s done is done. I’m a big fan of Ayumi Hamasaki and even she, the empress of J-pop, gets cut on music shows more often than performing the full song on Music Station/Music Japan/Hey!x3 etc. Just like SHINee we fans should go back to the rookie mind-set πŸ™‚

      About how they’re faring on the pre-order charts; 3rd on Yesasia with CD+DVD+MP3 version behind KAT-TUN, and 6th with CD+DVD behind Ayumi Hamasaki. On HMV they’re at 6th place with their CD+DVD+MP3 version, 10th with the CD+DVD version. Not too shabby if you ask me!

      On Recochoku (digital) they’re 5th on the η€γ†γŸ-chart and 99th on the パロディコール/εΎ…γ‘γ†γŸ-chart.

      Sorry for hogging your comment, Tombrady’s girl πŸ˜›

      • Glad to see some people agree with me. It is pretty common to get a song cut. That’s why I don’t understand why a fan would start campaigning on Twitter that we should write to EMI & SM…and people are re-twitting the request. We will appear so childish. Someone needs to tell these fans to stop and think rationally. I hope EMI’s Twitter does not get besieged – it will be pretty embarrassing to be honest.

        Thanks for the chart update. It is good, steady sales. I just hope it’s enough to beat 50k on day 1 and 91k on week 1. They just started so strong that now people are watching to see if Replays success was not a 1-time thing. Let’s help them beat those numbers.

      • @Tombrady’s girl I’ve read the notice I think you’re talking about. It’s from Flaming Minho International, right? The fan makes it seem like the PD was “after Minho”. The fan is requesting them to re-edit the performance, but how can you re-edit it when they performed the cut song! And like you said,

        I think fans that feel cheated, in lack of a better word, should take a step back and look at the bigger picture. I’m feeling, sad, embarrased and dissapointed seeing how fans are reacting on the issue. This affects the whole fandom, but hopefully, knock on wood, this won’t affect SHINee.

        I’m not a flamer so I don’t know how they feel about this issue, but I know this is not the way you should handle this.

    • I havent heard much of anything about it either. All that needs to be said to these fans is that everyone gets their songs cut. End of story. Nothing to be pressed over.

      I mean if I’m honest, cutting out the rap is the best thing to be cut out if you want to give people the best parts of the song. it’s unfortunate that’s he’s the rapper, but yeah. This isn’t some agenda against Minho so people should step off that.

      Juliette isn’t out yet. I’m fairly sure there will be more activity when it’s closer to release date/after its release. That’s how Replay was.

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