[photo]SHINee Filming Onegai Ranking

[Source: DC Shinee Gallery]

SHINee must have performed Juliette and had a talk. They look kinda funny in the 2nd picture ๐Ÿ™‚ Jjong’s hair stretching up up up ๐Ÿ˜€

(It’s not for Music Japan. Making an appearance in a segment called “strike music” in Onegai Ranking – Thanks, caramelmuffinz! So we can look forward to more TV appearances for Juliette promotion ๐Ÿ™‚ )

“Strike Music” is a “music presentation show” in which three guests present songs that fascinated them. If the other two agree with the presenter, it’s “strike”; with only one agreement, it’s “spare”; with no agreement, it’s “gutter.” The guests invited were Harisenbon, Kondo Haruna (born 1983), Oriental Radio Fujimori Shingo, SPEED Uehara Takako. SHINee appears as Kondo’s “artist I fell for” and performs Juliette live. SHINee became Harasenbon’s fan after watching a Japanese comedy program, so their love is mutual.

Kondo commented, “Wonderful, I got goosebumps!” And Key said, “You had a haircut” (this part is not clear..) Fujimori questioned, “Are you really a Harisenbon fan?” Key confessed, “Yes, I really like her” Excited, Harisenbon courted saying, “Can you marry me?” (not clear…)

[Source:ย http://news.thetv.jp/article/23639/ย | Eng Trans by jujugal, based on Korean Trans by honeybee@shakizi]


7 thoughts on “[photo]SHINee Filming Onegai Ranking

  1. Actually, I heard that this show was called “Onegai Ranking!” and they participated in this segment called “strike music”.

  2. it’s 12:18pm Aug 1st in Japan right now. so it’s kind of too early to have MJapan recording pics, right? unless they started recording at 7:00 or 8:00 am
    So, can we hope for another TV appearance? (which makes me totally happy, of course)

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  4. I went to the news site and here’s what Key and others said.

    Key said “You cut your hair!”, making Kondo happy. Fujimori asked in suspicion “You are really a Harisenbon’s fan?” to which Key replied “I love them”. Then Kondo, not being able to suppress her excitement, asked “Can I marry you then?”

    After finishing shooting, Key praised the staff “There’s a variety to camera angles and stuff. sugoi!”, Minho then added “You really filmed it beautifully!” Meanwhile, Jonghyun talked about the new song “When I received the Japanese lyrics, I tried not to worry much about the pronunciation, but rather, I tried to understand the meaning first.” Onew left a message to fans with “Juliette is a confession song. We enjoy singing it and would like everyone to listen to the lyrics. We’ll try hard so please cheer for us!”

    Taemin didnt say anything or they just decided to not bother writing about him? >_<

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