[photo] Singapore Fans Lining Up to Buy Tickets for SHINee World Concert

[Source: twitter; DC Shinee Gallery]

By KSnapsTV

I’m happy to see there are so many fans passionate about SHINee in Singapore. Even though it makes you harder to get good seats 😉


14 thoughts on “[photo] Singapore Fans Lining Up to Buy Tickets for SHINee World Concert

  1. The online ticketing has not started and the arena tickets are gone. I am so disappointed. : ( I won’t get the seats that I wanted.

    • You should have gone out to buy offline to get the seats you wanted. Didn’t they pull those seats out for the offline sales? as a special treat?

      • I didn’t want to line up overnight. Those who did got a 1-hr headstart vs online. Anyway 5mins into it and I’m already crying. Only partially restricted seats were available. But I noticed that some seats got unblocked suddenly – it could be those who choose seats but could not complete the whole purchase in 10mins.

        I GOT BLESSED. I wanted arena seats so that we are seated. But that was long sold out. Thank God I saw mosh pit A open up and grabbed those. Yehey! It’s gonna be so tiring. But I will be on the side where Onew often stands except for Lucifer & Replay endings. Well, the boys normally rotate positions anyway. I’m just so happy I got tickets close to the stage.

        This was stressful. LMAO…

  2. same here..doing online booking is oso vry frustrating…buy e most x ticket…yet didnt get manage to get front facing seats… feeling vry disapointed as I was on e pc so much early today… takes awhile to eliminate e heart pain, i suppose…

  3. yup i queued over night almost 24 hours before and there were still about 60 ppl infront =.=’ altough the ppl who where the first in queue got rows 15 16 17 ??? so yeah i wasnt even able to get the arena :/ got terrace seats rite in the middle raised ^_^ i think i will have a nice clear view of my SHINing SHINee @_@ ❤

  4. yeah i was quite dissapointed :/ but there were about 800 ppl behind me so i was still glad to be in the position i was in 🙂 yup hehe SG SHAWOLS ❤ ^_^

  5. OMG i almost didn’t get a ticket!!! I asked my sister who live in SG to buy me the ticket, and 2 hours after the tickets went on sale i heard rumors they were almost sold out so I text ed her asking whether she already bought the tix , and guess what!!??? She was still in her condo and was planning to buy the tix in the afternoonafter she finished doing chores !!! I went AFAYTDHJDSGBKJDYAIUS on her, then she rushed to sistic and all the moshpit area has sold out 😦 Fortunately i still got the tix even tough it’s located far far away from the stage TTT______TTT Whatever… Still lucky enough to get a tix so… See u all Shawols there~

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