[notice] A Message from Shakizi

Hello, we are caspers who are responsible for administration of SHAKIZI.
SHAKIZI is an open place for international fans who love SHINee.
However, we consider that you have trouble using SHAKIZI because it is serviced by only Korean.
So, we decided to get your feedback.

You can comment or send an email to SHAKIZI’s official e-mail address about following topics.
-What should be added or improved for international fans?
-What are you looking forward to?

if you comment or send an email to us, we are going to make SHAKIZI better as much as possible.
and please tell other overseas SHINee fan forums and fan sites which know SHAKIZI or are used by lots of SHINee fans.
We are looking forward to your participation. Thank you for reading this. 😀


SHAKIZI email address is shakizi@hanmail.net.


3 thoughts on “[notice] A Message from Shakizi

  1. Im loving K-shawols. They are really trying to reach out to the International fans. Thank You.

    Btw, welcome back Juju!

  2. I’m loving the shawols that run shakizi so much right now! One of my favorite fansites and now they’re reaching out to the international community 😀

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