[news] Korean Idols Dominate German Music Chart for 2 Weeks in a Row

Korean idol groups have dominated German music channel Viva TV’s hot music chart for two weeks in a row.

SHINee’s Hello and TVXQ’s Why were placed 1st and 2nd on the 30th Weekly VIVA Clip Chart published on 28 July. 2NE1’s I Am the Best was 8th, and SNSD’s Hoot 10th, to be followed by B2st’s Fiction (19th), Big Bang’s Tonight (40th), 2PM’s Hands Up (46th), and B2st Breath (90th).

Viva TV is as influential in Germany as MTV in the U.S. The Clip Chart ranks most-watched music videos based on the viewer counts and online mp3 download counts for the past week.

[Source: http://www.segye.com/Articles/NEWS/CULTURE/Article.asp?aid=20110729003868&subctg1=&subctg2=%5D


15 thoughts on “[news] Korean Idols Dominate German Music Chart for 2 Weeks in a Row

  1. oh gosh this is so exciting not only for our boys but for KPOP
    I keep reading articles about how other companies are saying they are working to expand to Europe but this chart just shows how SM is on their way with SHINee SNSD and TVXQ all being in top 10 spots.

    On a biased note. FDSLKFDSJL Hello is FIRST! not that I want to compare shinee and dbsk together (because they’re both amazing groups), but soooo proud.

  2. It’s amazing that SHINee’s Hello topped the chart considering it was kinda old. I thought the Japanese Replay would be on the list and not Hello.

    • maybe it has to do with the fact that they performed Hello at SM Town Paris? Some German fans probably went to the concert and saw it.

      • It’s because the Viva TV website doesn’t have every SHINee MV, just a few ^^
        And we all love Hello 😀

        (and yea, a lot of us german fans went to SM Town Paris ^-^ The Hello Performance was just so perfect~~~)

    • no (: It’s because “Hello” was the only song of SHINee available in the Viva Video List. We all hoped for Lucifer and Ring Ding Dong but they didn’t add these videos yet. I just hope they will add all of their videos because I want to lead every SHINee song on first place ❤

      Oh and ): @juju why didn't you mention that f(x)'s Pinocchio was on #57? ;A; SMTOWN love, you know? Anways~ Thanks for writing about this ❤

      @everyone else

      If you want to know, we're trying to bring Super Junior M's Korean version of Perfection on top of the next week's charts. :] Look forward to it. 😉

  3. hello is from 2010 >__< but SHINee is SHINee and they always keep every thing new and fresh^^ hahaha it wouldn't surprise me if replay (korean) came first^^ hahahaha

  4. I’m a German ShaWol and here is the reason why we choosed Hello: It’s the only available video in the moment. Actually we wanted to bring Lucifer in the charts. :O but yeah.. SHINee only has it’s Hello MV there. Anyways… we already pleading to upload more of them lol

  5. It was just yesterday when I heard SHINee’s Hello in the german TV. I thought it was just me but my sister said that she had heard it too.
    I’m so proud of K-pop! It would be great, if they debut in Germany!

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