[news] 30K Audience To Attend SHINee’s Debut Event – the Highest Number by Korean Group

Group SHINee had a large scale Japanese debut event.

According to the local press, including Sankei Sports, on 29 July, SHINee had a meeting with local fans at Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo on 28 July to celebrate their debut in Japan.

SHINee performed 3 songs, including Replay. They are planning to release their second single Juliette on 29 August.

This debut event will continue until 11 August to have total 30,000 audience. It will make the record for the highest number of audience Korean artists have attracted for an overseas debut event.

[from Star News http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=2011072908115398339&type=1&outlink=1]

Fans are wondering why EMI Music Japan is releasing SHINee’s 2nd single on Monday. New singles are usually out on Tuesday. How will this affect the weekly sales record? Weird. o,0 Does anyone have any idea why EMI is doing business like this?


14 thoughts on “[news] 30K Audience To Attend SHINee’s Debut Event – the Highest Number by Korean Group

  1. Hi Juju, I hope everything is okay on your personal end. 🙂

    Glad to see the boys continue to be loved in JP and that they continue to set records. So excited for Juliette & Kiss, Kiss, Kiss – 3 versions, I am gonna be so poor in August (haha) – and their first JP brand endorsement. The boys are truly global – endorsements in KR, China (I want the SHINee – Nanjing 2011 shirt!) and now JP.

    Yeah, EMI’s release dates have been weird. I could not understand why Replay as also around the end of June. I guess they are relying on pre-orders to carry the August numbers.

  2. i heard that AKB will release new single in 24/08. it means shinee 1st day sales will be on the same weekly chart with AKB. it seems hard for shinee to get top 5 in oricon weekly chart only with one day sales. correct me if im wrong.

    • It’s confusing. Someone says the first day sale won’t be counted for that week…but we don’t know for sure. I wonder what EMI is thinking in releasing the single on Monday.

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