Happy Taem Day~❤

[Taemin] Yeoreoboon~! Thank you very much for celebrating my birthday~ A year has passed since my last birthday party with you. Time goes by so fast. Continue to support us. ^^

[태민] 여러분 덕분에 너무너무 즐거웠어요~사실 오랜만이라 그런지 처음엔 마니 어색하드라고요~ 그래도 이런날에 여러분을 만날수 있어 기쁘고 이런자리 마련해 주셔서 너무 너무 행복해요~ 샤이니월드사랑해~!!♥

[Taemin] I had lots of fun thanks to you~ It’s been a while, so I felt awkward in the beginning ~ But I was glad to see you on this kind of day and happy so so much for having this provided~ SHINee World I love you~!!♥

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Taemin, Happy 18th birthday~ my pretty handsome baby man! ^^

Sorry for being late… Something happened… Hey guys, I’ll have to go on hiatus again for some personal reason. Hope you continue to love and support SHINee~


16 thoughts on “Happy Taem Day~❤

  1. what happened? i understand if u dont wanna tell us, but i hope ur okay and it’s nothing too bad. in any case we’ll be waiting for ur return, juju hwaiting! ❤

    and happy birthday Taemin!!!

  2. Happy Birthday TaeMin~~!!!! ♥
    We hope you’re okay JuJu~! We’re really thankful for all of your shares~^^
    As what rongike said, we’ll be waiting for your return and HWAITING~!!!

  3. yay! happy birthday taemin! also jujugal come back healthy thanks for all your work! also….. jjong….. what is that shirt? 😮

  4. Thank you for sharing as always! I also hope everything goes well, and somehow we will survive until you come back! (:

  5. hope all is well with you sheena! come back happy and healthy! fighting! and ofcourse happy birthday to taemin-ah 😀 the fanaccounts for the birthday party were super funny ^^ and cute! they were posted on soompi !

  6. happy birthday boxing day taemin ah^^ in australia it is already 19th .7 >_<
    i hope you come back healthy^^ jujugal fighting^^9

  7. i hope that whatever happened in your personal life, it will work out for the best. stay strong, don’t lose hope, have faith. take care! hope to see you back soon…

  8. I LOVE TAE TO BITS. omg I could marry him any day ! 😀


    ❤ ❤ ❤

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