[photo] SHINee 1st Concert in Taiwan

[from twitter; DC Shinee Gallery]

Taemin performed with Key at Key’s solo part! Tae did Krystal’s part in a blonde wig and red skirt! I know it’s a fan service, but isn’t it Tae doesn’t like dressing up as a girl???

I personally don’t like people making him dressed up as a girl…because I know he doesn’t like being called girlish 😦  From the fancam by please*3, Tae seems to be having fun!

Someone twitted:
ShawolsSHINee SHINee World
minho fell because they are playing water ~ taemin is playing water so much and then minho fell ~

ALL SHAWOLS SANG HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG TO TAEMIN in 3languages, ENG, KOR & CHINESE (cr: ningzzhi, via: Shawolindoclub)


17 thoughts on “[photo] SHINee 1st Concert in Taiwan

  1. but isn’t it Tae doesn’t like dressing up as a girl??? – i guess if it’s for Key umma, he will do it. isn’t he sweet?

  2. Tae doesn’t like but i’m sure he is willing to that with Key. And awww, Taiwanese fans are so lucky. They must be gone wild.

  3. I don’t think they had any other choice. A random girl plus this song might not have gone down well with the fans, they couldn’t get Krystal and out of SHINee the one who looks best in drag is Taemin. Plus, obviously the fan service etc.

  4. hey dont worry remeber in hello baby he said first he dont like it but he now finds it quite funny and entertainingXD

  5. srsly tho.. Taemin in a miniskirt!!! EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS IRRELEVANT >.<
    I guess he got over the dressing up as a girl thing.. i need fancams of that perf noooooow!!! TaeKey singing My First Kiss to each other? MUST SEE NOW (tho really Key shood be the girl but its his solo so fine :D)

  6. i guess they cant bring Krystal along to their concert & so, Tae might volunteer to help Key. Who knows. Plus, it is for SWC in Taiwan..so may be Taemin wanted to do something fun to T-shawols.. i bet he knew that people saying he looks prettier than a girl. x))

  7. taemin dont dislike it that much, actually. Did you see him the last time he talked about cross-dressing? he seemed fine with it, he said it in hello baby. See: /watch?v=QRXoZY9N4Ts&feature=related, at 4:04

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