[fancam] SHINee 1st Concert in Taiwan

By dali686 | Finally, Minho’s OMG *0*

By Bdays1209

By withaniss | Tae’s cat walk

By nekuta13 | TaeKey – My First Kiss *0*

By lansonkai | TaeKey My First Kiss full version

By nakuta13 | Taemin’s solo full version

By saya2735 | Cr to please*3 | Taemin’s solo and My First Kiss *0*

By flora0419ru | Minho-focused Get Down

By mandy120910 | Replay and RDD

By lovejonghyun1201 | Senorita

By lansonkai | Jonghyun-focused AMIGO – Jjong slipped at the end!

– 交錯的愛 (audio only) with Zhang Liyin

By MissisiVi | Jonghyun with Zhang Liyin

By 19470132 | Taemin solo (audio)

By shw810425 | A-yo

By abeer0414 | RDD

By necuta13 | Lucifer

By YUUYUU | Up by asnarashi | Onew-focused Ready or Not

By lesonkai | Obsession – Minho kneeling down at the end!

By dali686 | Korean folk song, A Child in an Island House

By linda00762002 | One

Cr to MasterToys | Up by amy8227 | mischievous maknae and hyungs’ revenge ^^

Cr to Ptt2StarGraft | Up by necuta13 | Bodyguard focused on hyungs

By Towelshin | Go Taemin! Go Key! Go Minho! Go Onew! Go Jonghyun!


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