[fancam] SHINee at Cosmetic Company Party

[Source: DC Shinee Gallery]


Up by vlyn02

– SHINee had a schedule not open to the public a few days ago. They performed at a cosmetic company party, and someone posted fancams.


11 thoughts on “[fancam] SHINee at Cosmetic Company Party

  1. aaaaah thanks for sharing! (tho damn nate is forever slooow :D)

    lol Taemin teasing with the flowers at first 😀 and then actually coming over to the hands asking for it and waiting for the camera person to regain consciousness to give them over!!! 😀 (or teasing again before giving them?)
    i wonder if the audience looked like a sea of flowers 😀

  2. i found fancam of shinee performed ‘your name’ in someone’s wedding today…that song is very onew-ish… ^_^

    • Ah I read this article. Wang Jonggeun, an announcer, talked about Taemin on a TV program. He has a son, but whenever Taemin is on TV, he says he wants to have Taemin as his son. And he also wants his son to try Taemin’s style. Shopping for clothes with his son, he asks for the skinny jeans Taemin wears. His son complained he couldn’t even put his ankle into the pants 🙂 When his son went for haircut, he called them to cut his son’s hair like Taemin. At the end of the program he apologized to his son saying he thinks his son is more handsome than anyone.

  3. OMG I haven’t been able to spazz over SHINee for days bec of Harry Potter.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing. Saw fancams of Big Bang performing at this SK-II event as well – i think they were launching something.

    I would also love to hear them sing “Your Name” for once. I hope more fancams of the wedding comes out.

    Excited for the boys concert in Taiwan. I hope Onew sings Anjing (not sure of romanized spelling) again although Nessun Dorma would also be awesome. I wonder if their solo’s will change now that they are bringing SHINee World to other countries. My sister and I are so excited to see them in Singapore in Sept!

    • I don’t think we’ll have more fancams…because it was someone’s wedding. Fans are not supposed to go there to film the wedding singers!

  4. omggg i LOVE taemin’s hair this is way better than the red. omfg juliette is going to be DAE FUCKING BAK

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